3 Tips to Maximize your Talent Acquisition Skills

Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

3 Tips to Maximize your Talent Acquisition Skills

  • 02 Sep 2020
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    Even in fields with the most abundant skilled workers, narrowing down your choice to find the perfect fit can be a challenge.

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  • For many recruiters, this can mean long hours of searching leading only to frustration and disappointment. While it might not be possible to guarantee a way to find a great fit easily, there are still skills that can be learned to vastly mitigate rates of failure and aid in overall success. Here are three that we find consistently helpful.

    1: Believe Facts, Doubt Words

    There is an unfortunate idea in pop-culture that it’s okay to massage your qualifications and accomplishments in your resume. This might make for funny sit-com plots, but for recruiters, it’s nothing more than a constant annoyance, and even threat. While a great many workers will be open and honest, the best approach can be to trust first and then verify.

    Because of this, the skill of being able to quickly check sources is a valuable one. The easiest of relevant paths to check can be found with college qualifications. In the US, systems like the National Student Clearinghouse verification services are built with the idea of preventing academic fraud in mind. More individual-level accomplishments can be much more difficult to check, though social media groups can be a good place to start.

    2: Question your Preconceptions

    We all have biases, whether we realize it or not. Left unchallenged, these preconceptions can let what could otherwise be a rising star left in the dust. Such problems can be especially pronounced with recruiters, as we tend to unconsciously build patterns around existing successful hires, and the established best in the business.

    However, by limiting ourselves to these preconceived notions, we’re doing an injustice to what is a rapidly diversifying global employment environment. Unexplored talent can breed unexpected rewards, and this is an element all modern recruiters need to internalize. Make no mistake, learning here is a skill, and will require conscious effort.

    3: Take a Technological Approach

    Searching for talent in the age of the internet is infinitely easier than it used to be in terms of reach, but the sheer wealth of data available can itself become a confounding factor. For this reason, we would suggest adopting the aid of software solutions to streamline much of the searching and data-collection/management process.

    Such software can be as simple as browser additions like the Lusha B2B data plugin for Google Chrome. By integrating with existing resources like LinkedIn and Salesforce, and working with business CRM systems, this software can perform tasks in minutes that could take humans hours to complete. Already helpful for small groups, this type of software is indispensable when operating with large groups of talent.

    Nothing worth having comes easy, and this can be as true in finding talent as it is for learning new talent acquisition skills. Don’t be put off, however, as just a little bit of learning each day or week can easily consolidate formerly intimidating prospects into second-nature. Stick with it, learn from your mistakes but stay flexible, and your work as a recruiter could be in for a much brighter tomorrow.