Do you job postings suck? Here’s how to fix them with Guest Katrina Kibben


Hey, hey yea you…Do your Job Posts Suck?

Welcome to Episode 4 of the 10 X Candidate Experience show.

I’m your host Jeff Weidner and today we have an incredibly talented guest who has Mastered the Art of rewriting job posts and recruiting emails. They can teach your team how to write more effective copy that interrupts and fully engages your candidate audience so you can attract the right talent to apply to you

r jobs.

They are also a Speaker that has connected with tens of thousands of recruiting, HR, and tech entrepreneurs on topics from niche sourcing to recruitment marketing strategy and candidate experience overhauls. Their style is simple, straight-forward, and to the point.

I love the fact that they focus on practical tips and case studies that they’ve seen work in this market and they add their own personal spin and sense of humor to everything.

Please welcome to the show Katrina Kibben from Three Ears Media.

Hey Katrina welcome to the show.