7 Career Opportunities for Online Casino Players

Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

7 Career Opportunities for Online Casino Players

  • 13 May 2022
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    Different industries around the globe are opening plenty of work opportunities.

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  • One of the sectors that continuously keeps pushing forward is the casino industry. The expansion of the internet and smartphones has propelled this industry, leading to the creation of thousands of brands.

    Online casino players are now spoilt for choice, as they have an abundance of choices before them. What’s more, the industry growth has led to more job openings, and those players can join the behind the scenes of this industry. There are a lot of options, and we’re going to discuss the most popular ones in this article.

    Marketing Expert

    The first option is to join the brand’s marketing team and work on its promotion. This is a working position, as it involves content marketing, social media marketing and promotion creation. Each of these processes comes naturally to younger generations as they’ve been using social media while growing up. Additionally, if they’ve spent some time in the casino, they know how a casino reload bonus works. That means they can create effective promotions to attract new players to the platform.


    The best part is that learning all the digital marketing skills is simple. Any online casino player who dedicates approximately 50 hours of their time will understand the core principles of online casino marketing. They can then join a company and work on creating strategies that bring results.

    Platform Reviewer

    People are consistently looking for new platforms to try out. That’s something that you, as a regular casino player can take to your advantage. Becoming a reviewer is fairly simple nowadays. The essence is to create a good content plan and to start making content that will help your audience. In terms of online casinos, that means going from brand to brand, registering on their platforms and talking about their quality.


    This approach opens up a sea of opportunities. As you keep working on your content, more brands will be willing to collaborate with you. That’s where affiliate marketing can help you get the most out of your reviewing efforts. You can use videos, written reviews and live streaming to share your opinions about different brands.

    Software Developer

    This career path is quite challenging, but we all know that casino players can be quite persistent. With enough dedication, it’s possible to become a software developer and start working for a gaming provider. It’s a rewarding career that comes with a big paycheck and is perfect for problem solvers. Every game you see in an online casino was developed by professionals. Aside from games, developers help with setting up these platforms and the implementation of payment methods such as popular cryptocurrencies. There is a constantly growing need for developers which opens new doors for those eager to walk into this world.

    Graphics Artist

    All online casino games need to be appealing to players. That’s where graphic artists and UX designers play a key role. It’s their responsibility to create breathtaking slots that are easy to use. It’s another career path where someone with casino experience can help tremendously. While this is a challenging path too, those who decide to pursue it will work on new technologies such as VR. As software developers, user experience professionals are equally in demand.

    Data Analyst

    Predicting users’ behaviour can help any business grow. Things are no different in the online casino industry. That’s why there’s a high demand for data analysts. This is another working position that is extremely appealing to people. It’s the perfect opportunity for those who like analyzing user behaviour and making predictions based on it. With a background in gambling, players could have an edge over other data analysts.

    Online Casino Croupier

    Just because it’s an online casino, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t real people working in traditional working positions. Croupier is the perfect example. Once you head over to the live casino section of an online platform, you’ll see real croupiers on these streams. Players who’ve spent a lot of time playing table games know every step that a croupier takes. Therefore, with a little bit of training, any passionate player could become a skilled croupier.

    Support Agent

    Even though not many people talk about the customer support of online gambling brands, they’re very important. Customer support can make or break users’ impressions of the platform. That’s why online casinos are always looking for the best customer support staff to offer exquisite service to their players. The best part of this working position is being able to work remotely.


    As you can tell the online industry is big and it offers plenty of work opportunities. It’s interesting to see that those who love playing casino games are partially ready to work in the industry. It all comes down to players’ willingness to join the industry and take a look at things from a different perspective.