Careers In Nonprofits completes acquisition of New York-based nonprofit staffing agency


Careers In Nonprofits, a staffing provider that exclusively works with the nonprofit sector based in Chicago, acquired PNP Staffing Group, a New York-based nonprofit staffing agency, effective Sept. 1, for a 100% stake in the firm. 

The deal, first announced on Aug. 17, will enable Careers In Nonprofits to grow in New York, Washington D.C., and throughout the eastern seaboard.

The acquisition extends Careers In Nonprofits’ temp division. It also increases Careers In Nonprofits’ staffing capabilities to clients beyond its current list of services. After the acquisition, the company plans to acquire a team of professionals experienced with executive search solutions.

Founded in 1996, PNP Staffing will retain its brand name and headquarters in New York. The group’s management team and employees will stay with Careers In Nonprofits, while CEO and founder Gayle Brandel will remain for a transition period. 

“PNP is a pioneer in the nonprofit industry — it’s where I actually first launched my own nonprofit staffing career,” Careers In Nonprofits CEO Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen said. “Over the last 26 years, CEO Gayle Brandel and her team have established a proven track record of nonprofit staffing success.”  

Careers In Nonprofits was founded in 2006.