How to boost your search firm’s brand image in 2022

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A quick overview of your open positions, billings, and the candidate pool on each of them

With communication moving almost completely to a digital platform, it is important to ensure accessibility, security, and mobility of the data you share with your clients for their open positions and candidates. Staffing companies need to embrace the right technology to view, share, and report information.

Share and manage open jobs and candidate pipeline

Client Portal allows you and your clients to review the progress on the open positions without the need to download multiple resumes from the attachment-heavy emails. Client Portal shares candidate resumes, their journey through the hiring process, resumes, NDAs, interview dates, etc., all in a visually clean and user-friendly interface. It also allows your AEs to send professional-looking automated progress reports and enables the client to see a progress report anytime with a single click.

View and share candidate profile
See the candidate resume progress timeline
Setup and manage multiple interviews per resume
Send auto reports to the client

Client Portal connects with your Applicant Tracking System to fetch the open positions and the activity on each poison. Your clients can see the candidates, their resumes, and other details uploaded for each open position along with the date of the activity. If you do not update data on your Applicant Tracking System, your AEs can upload the resume manually to share with the client.

The Client Portal not only helps you improve professional communication with your client but also uplifts your brand image and gives you an edge over your competition.

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