How to Use Your Website to Attract Top New Hires


The quality of your website can work to help you attract top new talent to your business. People want to work for a forward-thinking, successful business, and for many, the first time they may hear about you as a member of the public is through your website.

Growing an active community online can help you attract and hire people who have been long-time supporters and fans of your business. They are automatically better candidates because they understand your brand and love it. They are passionate about working for you even before they check out your site.

You can improve your hiring process through both methods, so you have the pick of the crop and can hire that perfect person for every new role. If you don’t think your website does this just yet, use these tips today:

Audit Your Site

The best
way to improve your website is to start with its problems, and websites can
have a lot of problems. You can either hire a company to go through a full-scale SEO audit, or you can do it yourself. If you
do it yourself, you will want to follow through guides and make a point to read
through and edit/update all the information on your website. Only when are the
problems addressed can you work on improving it for the future.

Improve the Look and Design

If your
site is lacking, then improve it with professional services. A full-scope
digital marketing agency like this Florida company offers everything from branding and
digital strategies, to custom website design, all the way to digital marketing
and software development. In short, if you need a revamp for your site both for
your customers and potential hires, a professional agency is certainly the way
to do it.

Add a Great Careers Section

Adding a
careers section is a great way to get people to learn more about your company,
company culture, and about the opportunities available. Add any open positions,
including internships or any short-term, project-based roles that you need.
You’ll be advertising this on your social media and job sites, of course, but
by having it on your own website as well as an HR program to back it up you can
keep it all centralized and easy to apply.

Add Career Elements to Your Socials

Market your
new roles first to those who follow you via email newsletter and even on social
media. By prioritizing those that already follow you and love your brand, you
can skip through candidates that, though they may be qualified, don’t know a
think about your brand or your goals. Not only that, but it works to strengthen
your community and make those desperate to work for you more engaged with your

Follow Up with a Better Digital Culture

Use digital tools and platforms as necessary to create a thriving digital culture. The more advanced versions give each employee a profile and means to communicate better both in teams and on a one-to-one basis. Smaller versions just make it easier and more effective to, say, send out rejection letters or keep those subscribed to your careers newsletter up to date.

A little goes a long way when it comes to finding and hiring passionate, engaged recruits.

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