Significant uplift in business upskilling leads Britain out of lockdown

Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Significant uplift in business upskilling leads Britain out of lockdown

  • 27 Jul 2020
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    New data from online training provider, High Speed Training, reveals that many career-savvy Britons have been using their time spent at home during lockdown to improve their business skills.

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  • The time spent away from the workplace has provided ample time for reflection on what initiatives can be incorporated into day-to-day business. The Corporate Social Responsibility course, which helps learners understand how they can create a strategy that promotes wider environmental, and societal issues, has seen a significant rise of 189 per cent in the number of people taking it since lockdown began.

    Over the first nine weeks of lockdown, Brits also looked to hone their leadership skills with a dramatic 116 per cent increase in the number of people participating in Leadership and Management training and a 41 per cent jump in those completing the Effective Leadership course compared to the same period last year. This comes at a time when, as we ease out of lockdown, valuable leadership will be imperative in order to restart business operations and support the economy.

    Dr Richard Anderson, Head of Learning and Development at High Speed Training, said: “In this challenging climate of job loses and salary cuts, it’s reassuring to see Britons using time at home to learn new business-related leadership skills whilst also helping the community. Those that have opted to use their downtime to potentially widen their career prospects will be well positioned as we come out the other side of Covid-19 lockdown.”

    High Speed Training is a leading online training provider, delivering accredited digital training that helps people to be engaged, effective and safe in the workplace. It is an authority in personal development and compliance, providing the tools that can help individuals to achieve their aspirations, whether progressing an existing career path or breaking down the barriers to starting a new one.