That’s a Wrap on Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Week 2022!

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As Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Week comes to a close, we want to look back at all the offerings and events that transpired throughout this exciting week!


Feature Article | Education as a Job Benefit

Salaries, healthcare, paid time off, work travel, remote work—these are some of the top tier job perks that people often put at the top of their list when it comes to employment incentives. But education opportunities are another category of perks that are often overlooked. Lin Grensing-Pophal takes a closer look at how the benefit of education might be just the perk to bringing great talent into an organization.

Panel Discussion | Have an Edge in the Search for Talent: Recruiting and Retention During the Pandemic

Between COVID-19, remote and hybrid work, and the Great Resignation, recruiting efforts, have seen unprecedented changes. Virtual hiring, retention rates, and employee needs are at the forefront of every HR professional’s mind. Nikao “Nightwing” Hill, Lead Sourcer, and Chris “Aquaman” Carver, Sourcer, of Wayne Technologies Inc. discuss today’s latest recruiting and retention strategies. 


HR Works Podcast | Recruiting a Global Workforce

Tune in for an exciting episode of our award-winning podcast, HR Works, where host Josh Zygmont interviews Alison Long, Chief People Officer at Till Payments, a fintech payment solution based out of Sydney, Australia and rapidly expanding into global markets. Learn how organizations can best position themselves when building a global talent pool and opening recruiting efforts in international markets.

Educational Session | Get On It: Learn How On-Demand Pay Boosts Recruitment, Improves Retention and Builds a Stronger Workforce

Data shows that over half of the U.S. is on the hunt for a new job. Organizations need to think creatively and uniquely to recruit top talent and remain competitive. During this session, you’ll learn how HR leaders are devising new strategic benefits packages that speak to their employees’ changing needs and expectations.


Pages of HR Podcast | The Talent Fix

Tim Sackett is the President of HRU Technical Resources, an IT and Engineering Staffing firm. In partnership with SHRM, Tim recently released his first book, “The Talent Fix: A Leader’s Guide to Recruiting Great Talent.” The Talent Fix presents a proven, practical, and scalable recruiting model for talent acquisition leaders and shows how organizations can build and sustain a great talent acquisition function.

Educational Session | Compliant Hiring Best Practices: Removing Bias and Discrimination

Help your hiring managers learn how to interview and evaluate candidates fairly—and follow the letter of the law—without sacrificing due diligence. Attorney Meaghan Murphy, of Skoler Abbott, shares best practices for complying with state and federal laws, including those addressing disability discrimination, pay equity, and criminal background checks.


Faces of HR Feature Interview | Elena Valentine’s Interest in HR Storytelling Began as a Child

Elena Valentine is an expert in leveraging video stories in the workplace. With the motto “you cannot be what you cannot see” Elena started filming jobs as a way to get young people excited about the world of work. Since then, her team at Skill Scout has since built a world class media company. Their films have helped clients like Nike and American Airlines engage candidates and employees alike.

Educational Session | The Future of Recruitment: An Ethical Framework for Software Selection

Dr. Lindsey Zuloaga, Chief Data Scientist at HireVue & Dr. Kiki Leutner, HireVue’s Director of Assessment Innovation, discuss the future of recruiting. They provide a comprehensive ethical framework to guide technology use and decision making in a constantly evolving regulatory landscape.


HR Work Break Podcast | Recruiting, Retention, and Reflecting on the Last 2 Years

Chris Carver, Sourcer at Wayne Technologies, joins the latest episode of HR Work Break. Wayne Technologies provides global and industry-agnostic talent acquisition services that have reinvented the sourcing/recruiting model. Listen in as we discuss how sourcing can optimize the recruiting pipeline, how recruitment has changed in the last two years, and the future of talent acquisition.

Stay Tuned for More Exciting Events!

If you enjoyed this week’s event, mark your calendars for HR Leadership Week 2022, from August 1—August 5, 2022! To celebrate HR professionals across the country, our free education event will be full of digital resources and online seminars that will help you grow and develop in your role. Register for this event, here, and stay tuned for exciting content!

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