The Latest Video Marketing Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

The Latest Video Marketing Trends That Are Everywhere in 2022

  • 07 Jul 2022
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    Read on to learn about what’s trending in moving image this year.

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  • An astonishing 84% of consumers surveyed by leading video marketer Wyzowl admitted they bought a product after watching a video about it. It’s clear that video has the power to engage, convince, and—most importantly—push people all the way through that buyers’ funnel.

    But to create a powerful video, you need to know what people want to watch. And that means keeping up with the latest video marketing trends—whether on YouTube, TikTok, or good old-fashioned Facebook.

    And we’ve got you covered there! Read on to learn about what’s trending in moving image this year.

    Video Is King on Social Media

    If you want to wow your social followers with killer content, video’s where it’s at!

    Of course, there’s TikTok and YouTube, where video is the only option. On Facebook and IG, look to Stories and the newer Reels. But it also pays to use video to stand out on other platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn.

    Video is highly favored by the algorithms of pretty much every social platform these days, so using it is one of the only ways to get in front of new audiences.

    Innovative Marketing With Live Video

    The pandemic heralded the era of live video, with people broadcasting everything from DJ sets to yoga classes from their living room to yours. And now, in 2022, it seems this medium is here to stay.

    Live video gets pushed into social feeds more than any other type of video content. Plus, it’s one of the most useful social media and YouTube video ideas for engaging with your followers in real-time. They can ask you questions that you can reply to right away and even send you money—think Facebook’s “stars” feature.

    Getting Content From Your Followers

    USG or user-generated content has been around for quite some time in the form of photos and written reviews. However, in 2022, we see the rise of USG video, especially on TikTok.

    These videos are unpaid and wholly genuine, so they resonate with consumers. And this aids the marketing efforts of savvy sellers across the internet.

    Of course, you can’t count on this content coming in, though there are tricks to collect it. For example, you could hold a giveaway (where followers need to submit a video to enter) or a video creation contest, among other ideas.

    Making Videos on Your Smartphone

    Today, it’s possible to create everything from quality long-form videos to snappy shorts on a smartphone. In fact, Apple even pushed the idea with their savvy 2020 Shot on iPhone campaign, where they received tens of millions of video submissions from users around the world.

    On top of that, video editing apps help you create videos for every platform, and additional equipment, like ring lights and microphones, are more affordable than ever. With a smartphone in hand, even a person’s home can quickly become a professional video production studio!

    Following Video Marketing Trends Is Smart Management

    In the world of advertising, there’s constant pressure to hop onto the “new” train. However, not all video marketing trends will suit your product or service. Review trends as they arise with a critical eye and test them out, but don’t be afraid to ditch something if it doesn’t work for you.

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