US adds 247,000 private-sector jobs in April, but labor market shows signs of slowing: ADP


The ADP National Employment Report released today found the US added 247,000 private-sector jobs in April month over month. However, that’s down from the 479,000 jobs added in March, according to ADP’s revised data for that month.

“In April, the labor market recovery showed signs of slowing as the economy approaches full employment,” said Nela Richardson, chief economist, ADP. “While hiring demand remains strong, labor supply shortages caused job gains to soften for both goods producers and services providers. As the labor market tightens, small companies with fewer than 50 employees struggle with competition for wages amid increased costs.”

Midsize businesses with 50-499 employees gained 46,000 jobs, and large businesses gained 321,000 jobs. However, those gains were offset by a loss of 12,000 jobs among small businesses.

Here are the jobs lost/added in April by sector:

  • Good producing, up 46,000
    • Natural resources/mining, up 4,000
    • Construction, up 16,000
    • Manufacturing, up 25,000
  • Service-providing, up 202,000
    • Trade/transportation/utilities, up 15,000
    • Information, down 2000
    • Financial activities, up 8,000
    • Professional/business services, up 50,000
      • Professional/technical services, up 21,000
      • Management of companies/enterprises, up 1,000
      • Administrative/support services, up 28,000
    • Education/health services, up 48,000
      • Healthcare/social assistance, up 41,000
      • Education, up 6,000
    • Leisure/hospitality, up 77,000
    • Other services, up 6,000

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is slated to publish its report on April jobs data on Friday, May 6.