What’s top of the SocialTalent charts this month?


We’re forever being asked what trends we see on the platform. So, this month, we’ve decided to share the content which is topping the SocialTalent charts. We’ve measured this in terms of percentage completed and minutes watched. Have you seen this content? If not – check it out! It’s popular for a reason.

10. Course name: Recruitment SEO
Mission name: Job Advertising

In this course, learn tactical skills to instantly improve how candidates find and engage with your job advertising efforts, like how they appear on search engines, through to how we sell our open jobs to candidates. Realise immediate improvements in application quality and volume, and improve your pipeline of candidates through inbound candidate attraction methods.

9. Course name: Adding value during a hiring freeze or slow down
Mission name: Recruiting During a Crisis: COVID-19 and Beyond

Here’s a little snapshot of just some of the content available in this mission.

8. Course name: Working with your Hiring Manager
Mission name: Building Your Sourcing Process

Take a look at the ins and outs of the sourcing process – in this mission, we’ll focus on how to build your relationships with your recruiter and hiring manager to make the sourcing process effective. This is a simple, step by step explanation of how to source well.

Interested in getting the most out of your Hiring Managers? Tune into next week’s episode of The Shortlist with John Vlastelica, as he discusses this very topic.

7. Course name: Boolean Search 101
Mission name: Search Basics

Go back to basics and learn how to build perfect Boolean strings. Using the Universal Search Method, you will learn how to apply them to any database. Even if you’ve taught yourself Boolean, you’ll still learn useful tips on constructing Boolean search strings, and how to build search strings that are applicable to the vast majority of search engines. We show you how to apply them to some popular job boards and search engines too.

6. Course name: Demystifying Recruitment for Hiring Managers
Mission name: Presenting to Hiring Managers

In this programme, discover the art of pitching your hard-won shortlist to hiring managers in a way that demonstrates the fit of your candidates, but also supports the hiring managers in learning about the recruiting market, talent availability and manage expectations.

5. Course name: Reaching The Talent
Mission name: Engaging Talent

In this programme, you’ll learn how to find contact details for candidates you find online, as well as what to say now that you’re going to reach out to them. What will get them to answer your call, or open your email? What will encourage them to respond? We’ll use behavioural psychology and proven sales tactics to get your response rate up and a positive experience all round.

4. Course name: Managing Candidate Relationships
Mission name: Recruit Like A Boss

In this programme, presented by the amazing Stacy Zapar of Tenfold, learn practical steps and recruiting hacks to recruit like a boss. Get around challenges with internal and external relationships, creating a better candidate experience overall and deliver on your targets and goals around hiring when ultimately you’re not the blocker!

3. Course name: Searching on LinkedIn
Mission name: LinkedIn Sourcing

LinkedIn is a Recruiter’s favourite home. In this programme, learn how to use every aspect of search including best practices for applying our Universal Search, tactics for using different search fields within LinkedIn, and how to unearth the best candidates. This is one programme you are likely to revisit often!

2. Course name: How To Be an Inclusive Leader
Mission name: Inclusive Leadership: Lessons for Managers on Building an Engaged, Productive Team

Find out what is in store in this course here:

Find out more about the value of diversity and inclusion here.

1. Course name: The 7 Stories Every Recruiter Must Tell
Mission name: Storytelling for Recruiters

Find out why this course is this week’s number one below:

That’s our top ten of the SocialTalent charts for May 2020! How many of these missions have you watched?

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