Answer all sales and performance
questions in minutes

Together, Spotlight's sales and marketing analytics become the manager for your revenue engine. It’s everything you need to align your AEs and PCs to grow your executive search firm.

Better Manage Pipeline

View all open searches and recognize patterns that help you complete your placements faster.

Track goals accurately

Set team or AE goals and track activities to get an accurate progress chart and forecast.

Tailor Rep Coaching

Create a culture of accountability and increase the “batting average” of your entire sales team.

Conduct Data-Driven Planning and Analysis

Focus on what’s truly driving revenue and empower leadership to make more informed decisions.

Manage Search Cycle

Manage the complete search cycle from Send out to completed placement.

Build Custom Attribution

Understand which marketing activities have a direct impact on search growth.

Data-driven, easy-to-read, graphical reports lead to better decisions

The reports you need to manage your pipeline, forecast more accurately, and tailor coaching to each rep’s performance are pre-built and ready to use.

Your team can easily access the reports they need on a daily basis, giving you more time to take action.

Rapid Reporting

Spend less time building and updating static reports and spreadsheets.

Decision-Quality Data

Produce persuasive reports, analyses, and forecasts that leadership can trust.

Single Source of Truth

Share a single, accurate, and always up-to-date source of truth with your team.

Historical Data Analysis

Expose trends in your historical search data, no snapshots required.

Automated Reports

Automate the creation and delivery of your most frequently-used reports.

Full-Funnel Visibility

Get a complete top-to-bottom view of your marketing and sales funnel.

Build a stronger and well-coordinated sales team

Building a motivated sales team with a coordinated and healthy competition is at the core of Spotlight Data. Our features are built keeping the sales team in mind. The breadboards, chipboard, and the comparison tool is designed to ensure a healthy and motivated sales team.

Win Together

No more pointing fingers. Align marketing and sales for better collaboration.

Multi-Dimensional Reporting

Slice and dice the data down to the campaign and dollar.

Attribution Solved

Justify spend and easily prove the impact of initiatives on the bottom line.

Guided, Best-Practice Reporting

Gain confidence knowing which questions to answer.

Built for All

From managers to AEs and to PCs, Spotlight is for everyone.

Multiple Data Sources

Combine PCRecuiter, Zoho, Spreadsheets and other systems for a unified view of performance.

Having spent 10 years in recruiting business looking for ways to use data analytics to grow, Spotlight Data was a game changer.

I no longer waste my time on spreadsheets trying to create reports and instead use the real-time smart reporting by Spotlight to make decisions that really move the needle.

VP Sales, Healthcare Executive Staffing Company

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