Spotlight Data Client Portal

Impress your clients with professional layout and experience

Give your clients a secure login link with a professional layout and hiring experience. Impress your clients and stand out from other recruiters at the same time.

Host of features to choose from but very simple to use

Client login is minimal, yet efficient to keep the client learning and onboarding process very short and simple. The layout is professional and minimal so what you see on screen is self-explanatory.

We put your brand presence and identity first

Your Client Portal link is matched to your brand logo, colors, and fonts. Customize it further with welcome text, etc. You are also able to choose from the different portal layouts based on how simple or extensive you want it to be.

For Clients

Present your client with an easier and efficient way of using your services and collaborating with you.

Secure login

All the data and documents saved on the client portal are encrypted to ensure utmost security.

Anytime Access

Mobile-friendly login so you can access the link anytime and on any device.

Everything under one login

Access all your open positions and their progress under one login, no need to search through your inbox.

View Candidate Profiles

Each candidate profile is presented in a browser readable format with the data you need to see.

Organized by Status

All resumes are grouped their status so you can focus on your actionable items only.

Provide Feedback

Provide real-time feedback on a client profile. The recruiter is alerted immediately

Document Library

Each job has its document library so you can see the documents for that specific job only.

Message Team

Message your account manager or recruitment team for any questions or details. The team is alerted immediately.

Visual Overall Reporting

Access visual and actionable reports of each open and closed position to identify contributions and lapses.

For Recruiters

Give your candidates a winning presentation and give your recruiters the tool they need.

Automated Data Sync

Get open positions, candidate details, and position activity feed directly synced from your ATS or CRM in real-time.

Control Candidate Profile

Chose what the client can see on each candidate profile. You can set global rules and exceptions for a specific job.

Customize Candidate Profile

You can add and edit data to each candidate profile outside of your ATS/ CRM. For example, upload a custom resume for each candidate.

Upload All Documents

No need to send multiple attachments or emails to the client. Upload all documents related to the document library.

Custom Recruitment Stages

You can simplify the hiring stages for the client and continue to use the detailed stages your team follows.

Internal & External Notes

Add internal notes to each candidate profile that only you and your team can access. Add external notes to candidate profiles to share with the client.

Set up interviews and reviews

Set up candidate interviews and client reviews with single clients. Notifications and alerts are sent automatically.

Improve your Time-to-hire

Measure your overall time to hire an individual position or the entire firm. Visual reporting helps pin the specifics that you can improve.

Improve your Job Orders

See how many open jobs you were able to fill and help your recruiters identity quality job orders vs quantity.

Smart Notifications

Get notified when a client has not logged in to check their open position. Also get alerted for client logins, feedbacks, status updates, etc.

Improve Your Brand Presence

Send a detailed progress report to one and all involved in the open job, anytime, with just one click.

Upsell Your Services

Add additional services to the client portal for your clients to see and request. The account manager gets notified every time an add-ons request is placed.

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