10 Tips to Help Small Businesses Create Better Customer Experiences


Better Customer Experiences

Before customers can buy from you, they go on a journey. The steps they take throughout that process impact their opinion of your brand and the likelihood of doing business with you again. If you’re ready to improve the customer experience and ultimately make more sales, check out these tips from members of the online small business community.

Focus on Customer Success with These SaaS Tools

Making sure your customers have a successful journey can help you build loyalty and increase profits over time. And finding the right SaaS tools can give you the roadmap to providing this type of experience. In this Process Street post, Angelina Harper outlines what customer success means for businesses and what tools can help you make it happen.

Dial In Your Digital Experiences

Sometimes, businesses create long journeys for their customers or clients to actually close deals. What if you shortened the journey to make things easier on both sides. Nick Nelson breaks down this idea in an interview with Mark Bornstein on the TopRank Marketing blog.

Jumpstart Growth with These Subscription Model Variations

Offering a subscription model to customers can be a convenient way to consistently deliver services to customers. However, you need to choose the right variation if you want to appeal to your specific target audience. Martin Zwilling goes over a few in this Startup Professionals Musings post.

Don’t Get Lost in Google

If you want to start the customer experience off right, people need to be able to easily find your business. In many cases, that starts with Google. Learn the basic SEO tips your company needs to get found in this Maurer Consulting Group post by Luke Palder. Then head over to BizSugar to see what members are saying.

Outsource to Get Back to Business

Currently, many businesses are struggling to get back on track after COVID-19. To serve your customers more quickly and efficiently, it may be worthwhile to outsource some of your operations so you can focus on the things that matter most. Nellie Akalp elaborates in this CorpNet post.

Remove Local Search Spam

There are tons of spam listings out there that can potentially confuse customers and distract them from finding the solutions they need. For local businesses, Google offers spam forms to help them call attention to and remove these listings. Ben Fisher details how to use these forms to make things easier for local customers in this Bright Local post.

Keep Creating Content During COVID-19

Some businesses have ceased all or parts of their operations due to COVID-19. However, content creation doesn’t need to be one of them. In this Search Engine Journal post, Manish Dudharejia explains why it’s important for brands to keep creating content.

Improve Your Brand Reputation

Your reputation can make a major impact on customers’ first impressions of your business, which ultimately determines their mindset throughout the customer journey. If you’re ready to improve your brand reputation, read this Inspire to Thrive post by Lisa Sicard for tips. Then see what members of the BizSugar community are saying on the topic.

Avoid These Lead Generation Mistakes

Lead generation is part of the first step in creating a customer relationship. If you can’t create a positive experience for prospects, you’ll be unlikely to grow your business. In this post, Gary Shouldis of 3Bug Media discusses common lead generation mistakes that contractors make, and many of the tips apply to other industries as well.

Step Up Your Confirmation Emails

The confirmation email is an important but often overlooked part of the customer experience. If your customers are getting hung up on this step, check out the templates and tips in this GetResponse post by Karolina Kurcwald so you can make the necessary improvements.

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