The Power of Landing Pages for Recruiting


Landing pages are one of the key weapons that marketing teams use to attract and convert potential customers. It’s not a coincidence that this tactic is so prevalent across industries and different customer personas.

From B2B to B2C, landing pages are an effective way to share the benefits of a given product with potential clients.

This tool is especially prevalent for companies that sell multiple products. Imagine Proctor and Gamble having one page for diapers, razors, and soap.

Those are three very different products and three very different buyer personas!

So, why are most career pages not incorporating landing pages? We’re in a war for talent, and one of the most basic tactics at any recruiting team’s disposal isn’t being utilized.

One major issue is that there isn’t enough information out there about how landing pages can be used, and what the actual benefits will be from using them.

So, this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday is dedicated to providing a simple case study proving the value of landing pages (and talent pipelines).

landing pages for TA

It’s also worth noting that beyond this particular use case, landing pages in general greatly increase the conversion rate of applicants on your careers site.

To internalize this, think about a candidate journey where someone is able to find in-depth information about what it’d be like to be a [software engineer, salesperson, Boston based employee, etc] at your company vs what your career site may have now. Imagine all the talent you could convince to apply for a job at your company!

Your employer brand, of course, relates to your actual employee experience. Chances are your employees who follow different paths depending on the roles they are hired for, and in what offices.

If you need proof, check out the data from your performance management system, or simply talk to a few disparate employees.

Given these experiences are so different, we should be talking to candidates at the top of our hiring funnel with messaging that relates to our core employee value propositions for each specific talent demographic.

Landing pages are a great way to segment and communicate these messages.

This post originally appeared on SelectSoftware’s blog where we write about the latest in HRTech.