Be a mentor to those beneath you, in order to bring the organization up to the quality level you are seeking


We are in a new normal if you will and it began before the CoVid-19 shutdown. The role of the manager has changed to this new normal. The role of upper management has changed in this new normal

The efforts to bring quality improvement to your organization is a top down and bottom up effort. It means that management can not rule by edict. You want quality in your organization? Don’t gain that state by saying here is quality now do it. You need to establish what quality means to your organization and then help others to see the same view. We do this through educating the organization what quality is and then training them to be able to see the same view. If that does not work we coach them further on how to get to the point where you are headed. tells us that a mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. or an influential senior sponsor or supporter. Become that counselor, teacher or sponsor and help you human capital assets get to the next level and the quality level you are seeking will come.