How to Make your relocation an adventure for the kids ?


When children are involved, moving can be very stressful. However, what you should keep in mind is that children adjust very quickly. Preparing them for the move will work excellent and can make your home-relocation experience hassle-free.

Discuss the move

Tell them what to explore in the new city. Show them photos, so that they get a feel of the city. Give them as much knowledge as possible. Be prepared to explain the questions they may ask.

Involve them

Ensure that they don’t feel left out. Take them house-hunting with you. Alternatively, make them sit with you as you browse the best movers and packers Pune (or any other city) online. Let them help with some of the packings. Ask them what they would like to keep with them on the day of the house shifting. Pack a unique bag with their colouring books, favourite toy, a video game, etc.

A goodbye party

Have a small party with your friends. This builds memories. The children can make a collection with pictures of all their friends to take with them. Keep it in your mind, visit all your favourite places in the area before you leave.

The first night after Relocation

Make the first night at your new home fun. Get the kids to feel comfortable. Watch their favourite show together or play video games with your family.

Settling in

Try to stick to your habits.  This will give your kids a sense of knowledge. Keep highlighting on all the fun things you’re going to do at the new city.

The kids have just moved out of familiar surroundings. They need to feel a sense of security. It is essential to reassure them. Make them realize that whatever changes in their lives, the family will always be there for them.