Run a Background Check for Potential Employees


After a candidate clears an interview and before given a final nod, there is one more process i.e. known as a background check. Most candidates are not aware of this process is taken place and this is an important step before onboarding candidates. This article tells about the necessary steps covered in the background check. 

Background checks are important when the hiring process is on because the employer gets to know about all information about the candidates and verify the information given by the candidates. After verifying this the companies can be assured that the candidate can perform the job. But there are chances when the candidate can give false information regarding their past experience or they have hidden their work experience. Here’s how you can run a background check

Best background checks for your potential employees

Background check of their employment history 

This background check ensures that the work history submitted by the candidate is legit and not fake. In this check, your previous position should be checked, your salary and any additional information that is not present in the resume. The background check companies call your previous HR and ask about the employment history. The background check confirms the position and duration of his tenure. The HR will confirm this and some employers might also look into details. The background check companies can also check the tax records and this check is easy if you are submitting your tax.

Educational background check

Verifying educational details is an important task during the recruitment process. Many companies don’t pay heed to this to this step. In this background check, all your educational details are verified, from where you have graduated and your performance. The background check companies contact the institute or the university to recheck the details provided by the candidate is legit or not. The process is ideal for a fresh candidate or for a candidate hiring for a higher position. 

Social media background check 

This background check can be done before or after the interview process. In the social media background check, all the information about the candidate is checked on social media. Every candidate has their presence available on the social media that can provide an insight into the candidate’s behaviour, attitude and claims about various awards mentioned in the resume. If a candidate is having multiple profiles under the same name and without a proper background check, it’s difficult to detect the truth about them. 

Residential Background Check

The residential background check is also an important factor be checked while the talent acquisition process. The address given by the candidate gets verified, a field agent goes and manually check the address plus he can also verify the same via neighbours. If you have two residential addresses then both of these need to be verified. 


A background check is a must for recruitment companies and when there are lots of candidates to be interviewed then a background check works as a way to shortlist the candidate. The employer should have a clear objective about the background check and they should have a sync with the background check company.