Employee Empowerment Part 1


On July 1, Productivity Press will be releasing our new book on Employee Empowerment.

One of the major discussions in the business world is: How do we get our human capital assets more engaged in the organization? Current Gallup Polls state that 85% of our employees are not engaged within their organizations.

Employee Empowerment is not some wild idea. Employee Empowerment takes a concerted effort on the part of the entire organization. The TLS Continuum Empowerment Model explains how the three parts of the organization (management, teams and individuals) all play a critical role in the nourishment of empowerment in your organization. It is the combination of the style of management, empowerment itself, engagement, and the presence of cross-functional teams.

Further the encouragement of empowerment is the prime component of sustainable change management. It is the road to developing the corporate process improvement mantra necessary for a change to last. If they become more engaged, they will empower the organization at all levels to introduce sustainable change management to resolve problems within the organization. The key to this empowerment that we all seek is to [provide process ownership for everyone not just management.

In a series of follow up posts I will take you through each of these aspects of sustainable change management.