5 Employment-Friendly Skills for a World Post Corona


As we are all kind of locked down in the wake of the Wuhan virus that has spread across the world, and has destroyed the economies of countries it has barged into, it’s time to prepare for the career opportunities lying ahead of us. Sooner or later, the pandemic will come to an end. And what young graduates and professionals will seek is the apt job opportunities and work promotions. 

Noteworthy over here is that the world will get changed in terms of its functioning, post corona. That’s a given. Keeping that in mind, the skills sought after by the employers will also change. And hence, the needs and expectations will be totally different in terms of skill set requirements across varied industries, and business functions. 

Although, there exist credentialing companies that aid invaluably to your upskilling needs by offering industry-specific professional credentials online.

Most In-Demand Skills in 2019 (Worldwide)

Source: Statista


The best possible way to prepare yourself professionally for a post-corona world is to attain technology skills. No company would want their work to be disrupted as what this pandemic has done to them, ever again. And, for the very same purpose, they would like to be prepared for such unforeseen disruptions. Hence, the need for technical superiority, as a business organization. 

It would be even better, if you acquire skills in the advanced technologies that are shaping the future, e.g. data analytics, machine learning, AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, IoT (Internet of Things), robotics, among others. 

What One Can Do Now to Get Upskilled: To gain skills in the above-mentioned technologies, one can enroll in an online industry credentialing program, or can take up a certification program that issues his professional credentials. Choose the program as per your career goals, and make the best use of the time amid the ‘lockdown’ by learning new and valuable skills online. 

Innovative Thinking

As we saw in the ongoing lockdown, many firms emerged victorious, in terms of surviving amid the times of tumbling economies, across varied geographies. On top of that, many firms made bigger profits in the times of the crisis. 

How have they been able to ride against the winds? 

The answer is out-of-the-box thinking, and adapting to the market situation. 

Businesses that we’re able to invent new ways of extending their services, survived with much ease as compared to their other market competitors. For instance, a few healthcare providers quickly shifted to providing health advisory on virtual platforms. Mercedes F1, the popular automaker brand, made a quick shift amid the pandemic, from manufacturing racing cars to producing breathing aids. 

Coding & Digital Skillset

Businesses that have survived the pandemic up to this point in time, have all, somehow kept themselves digitally based in some form or the manner. Their digital presence is what had kept them going till date. 

And therefore, digital skills become of paramount importance, naturally. A few of such skills comprise web development, coding, graphic designing, and digital marketing. People having acquired global credentialing certifications in such skills are the one s that keep the businesses afloat in times like these. 

Professionals that can contribute to keeping the business running digitally in times like a recession or a pandemic are the ones always on the must-hire list. 


In times of economic distress, people with leadership traits are needed the most in any firm across the world, and industries. The reason – managing a team virtually, while keeping the productivity in check, is a task in itself. Professionals blessed with the capacity to lead people, motivate and inspire teams, and encourage collaboration, will be high on demand post the pandemic. 

To develop the leadership skills, one can take up a ‘leadership-building certification program’ online by registering for the leadership credentialing program with a certifying organization. 

Emotional Intelligence

Very closely associated with the leadership trait is the ‘emotional intelligence’, a skill that is much more important than leadership in times of uncertainty. It is the ability to be conscious of yours, as well as others’ emotions at a given point in time. Sometimes, when people feel uncertain of continuing on the job, connecting with them on an emotional level becomes vital to understand their psyche and mental space.