6 Ways To Get More Sales From Your Website

Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

6 Ways To Get More Sales From Your Website

  • 25 May 2021
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  • Everyone wants to get more sales from their website, such as using effective SEO tactics and link-building, which work great. But there are many other inexpensive methods to attract more people to your site and get them to open their wallets. Check them out below! 

    Use Honest Sales Content

    Seems obvious, but many websites have claims that they cannot back up. Honesty in your site content is vital to your company’s reputation. But it also fosters and boosts trust in your company brand. Don’t make promises you cannot deliver. 

    Remember, online consumers today are attuned to marketing BS, so be honest and ethical in your sales copy, and you will gain more customers. 

    Show Testimonials

    In our social media online environment, customer reviews and feedback are essential. The good news is that your happy customers can offer you a powerful marketing tool: testimonials. 

    Many happy customers are more influential than the best marketing copy ever written. So, your website should be stocked with recent reviews and testimonials from your satisfied clients. 

    You might put testimonials on product pages, pricing pages, and landing pages. Also, putting positive reviews on your site can be a good way to boost sales. You have a more positive perception of your company in the minds of prospects. Doing this can overcome people’s hesitations in purchasing from you the first time. 

    If your company has industry accreditations or awards, place these trust signals on the homepage. 

    Use Contests And Giveaways

    Contests and giveaways are good ways to boost followers on Facebook and Instagram. They also boost social media engagement and increase site traffic. 

    When you start a giveaway or contest, most users will share the marketing promotion after they register for it. 

    When you use viral sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests, you can increase traffic to your website by offering attractive prices when customers participate. Rewards and prizes are seductive incentives to get people to visit your site. 

    Provide Money-Back Guarantee

    One of the most significant things in a person’s decision to avoid a purchase is risk aversion. What if the product or service doesn’t work and they wasted their money? Even a small investment of $10 can produce buyer’s remorse if the product doesn’t deliver. How can you overcome this? 

    Offer the strongest possible money-back guarantee. The more you can prove there’s no risk to try your product, the higher the chance that the prospect will go to your checkout page and buy. 

    Don’t Offer Too Many Choices

    Many companies think this is terrible advice. It’s better to offer as many products as possible to boost sales, right? Not always. If you offer too many similar products, you can make the prospect indecisive, and he or she will not buy. 

    If your site does have many products, try to design your site to break up into categories. Don’t have too many products on one page. Arrange products in narrow categories, or put more emphasis on fewer products. Just remember that the more options you provide, the better the chances that the prospect will get confused and leave. 

    Make Checkout Process Easily

    Business Insider reports that $4 trillion in products was left in online shopping carts in one year. This is a mind-blowing statistic, and it shows how vital it is to streamline your checkout process. 

    The idea is to cut down on the friction in your checkout process. If you do that, it can have a fantastic effect on your site conversion rates. Making it easy for visitors to go through your site, you also should make it a breeze to purchase your products and services. 

    See, you can increase sales on your site by doing a few simple things, and you don’t have to spend much at all.