76% of workers say they are more productive working from home


When it comes to working from home, 76% of workers said their productivity has improved, according to a survey by the Best Practice Institute. And 72% said the productivity of their teams improved because of working from home.

The survey included more than 3,300 employees from companies with at least 1,000 employees.

“The majority of people feel they are more productive when working from home, although there are significant stressors as well as difficulty in maintaining work/life balance,” said Louis Carter, CEO of the Best Practice Institute.

 Other findings in the survey included:

  • 77% of employees had some previous experience with working remotely. Of those who had worked remotely pre-Covid-19, only 10% said they wanted to return to the workplace.
  • Just 44% of manager had previous experience managing employees remotely.
  • 43% of managers who had no previous experience managing a team remotely felt their personal productivity decreased. That number dropped to 23% among managers with previous experience managing remote teams.

The survey took place between May 12 and May 22.