How Accountants Can Win New Clients

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How Accountants Can Win New Clients

Whether you work as an accountant for yourself or in a company, you’ll probably need to find new business at some point. How do you do it? Consider the ways highlighted below. And remember when you’re meeting and greeting to mention that you have your Certified Management Accountant certification – it can make a big difference!

Who Is Your Perfect Client

The first stage of finding new accounting clients is knowing who you most want them to be. What does this mean? Take a look at who your current clients are, the industries they come from, and the kinds of services you offer that might fit potential prospects. Don’t forget to focus on the services that can be billed at the highest rate, too.

Knowing who the perfect client is will help you figure out how to describe what you do, your services, and your value proposition.

Frequent Where Your Clients Are

Whether it’s in person, online, or something else, the ideal way to find new clients is to be where they are: in a Facebook or Linkedin group, in-person networking meeting, or your pro-bono work on a committee. You should be in the places they are. If you have no idea, ask them where they hang out.

Remember the basic law of networking for business: Any place where people are congregated is a chance to schmooze, whether it’s at the grocery store, library, or PTA meeting. Always have extra business cards in your pocket!

Create A Social Media Strategy

Going to social media sites randomly won’t get you many clients, but you might find them that way if you have a social media plan. The best way to network online is doing it often and comment when you can share knowledge. But don’t be self-serving. Offer your accounting expertise when it’s needed, and remember you’ll eventually get referrals.

Also, update Linkedin with your accounting experience, skills, and latest updates. Find any type of social media to get your name out there, such as YouTube and Pinterest.

Ask For Referrals

It’s surprising, but many people overlook an easy way to find new business. Current happy clients can bring new clients. Whether recommendations are on Facebook or email, they are the quickest way to find new clients. People have faith in people they are familiar with.

Also, consider people that you know from places other than the accounting firm, such as friends, relatives, and neighbors. But remember, this is a two-way thing. If you want something, don’t forget to give something back. Your clients probably want to develop their business, too, so talk to them over coffee about what you can do for them. It’s effective.

Work With Other Business That Work With Your Ideal Clients

It helps if you can align yourself with other industries, like technology and law. Go to their meeting and network. The way to get referrals is to know the sort of client you want; tell people you talk to the exact type of client you want, and they may be able to help you.

Notice The Details

Think about what you can do in your work that goes beyond normal service. What can you do that will make you look better than other accountants? Provide thank-you letters to any prospects you meet. Update your social media status with comments related to your business. Anything that you do that makes you stand out in a good way is an avenue for referrals.

It takes work to grow the business. But the more time you put into it, the more leads you’ll get. Remember that finding new clients is an ongoing process, it’s something you have to work at a bit every day.

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