Creative writing, marketing top list of fastest-growing freelancer jobs


Creative writing and marketing tasks topped’s list of fastest-growing jobs on its platform in the second quarter. Blockchain-related tasks ranked as the fastest-shrinking.

Despite the rise of generative AI, job posts seeking creative writing skills rose by 58% in the second quarter compared to the first quarter to a total of 2,961 jobs.

“AI can’t replace creativity yet. While workers and businesses are benefiting from productivity gains offered by generative AI, the data suggests that the technology in its current form isn’t able to replace creative work,” Chief Executive Matt Barrie said. “We saw a similar trend occur in the first quarter of the year, as creative design jobs were flourishing despite interest for generative AI tripling.”

Other writing jobs showed up among the 25 fastest-growing jobs in the second quarter. Microsoft Word jobs rose 38.6% to 4,401, copy typing jobs rose by 31.2% to 6,389 and ghostwriting jobs rose by 22.9% to 6,404.

Marketing jobs also saw increases. Twitter marketing jobs rose by 41.5% to 2,334, search engine marketing jobs rose 26.5% to 2,328, jobs just designated “marketing” rose by 19.3% to 9,867 and social media marketing jobs rose by 16.1% to 7,574.

Tech jobs such as blockchain and software development were among the 25 fastest shrinking.

Overall, the five fastest-growing freelance skills on the platform in the second quarter compared to the first quarter were:

  • Creative writing, up 58.5% to 2,961 jobs
  • User interface design, up 52.5% to 3,075
  • Twitter marketing, up 41.5% to 2,334
  • Photography, up 40.2% to 2,945
  • Microsoft Word, up 38.6% to 4,401

The top five freelancer skills with falling demand in the second quarter compared to the first quarter were:

  • Blockchain, down 35.9% to 859
  • Digital marketing, down 31.9% to 1,169
  • Metatrader, down 31.6% to 1,006
  • Arabic translator, down 28.1% to 895
  • Software development, down 28.0% to 942’s data is based on 280,000 jobs posted to its Freelancer platform between April 1 and June 30.