Earning Recognition Through Business Awards is More Important Now Than Ever Before


Susan Turkell
Chief Executive Officer

The world has changed. Business has changed. The way we work has changed.

While it feels as though a sense of normalcy is just beginning to return, many do not believe things will ever be the same again, especially the way businesses operate and how we work.

What will the new normal look like? No one knows quite yet.

What we do know is that garnering recognition for a company, its business, operations, people and products is perhaps more important now than ever. This won’t change. Being recognized in third-party awards programs can truly elevate any business.

For corporations, awards are third-party, objective endorsements of what’s being done right. They serve as validation of successes. They are proof of the power of people.

As we emerge and settle back into business and life, keeping your organization, the products and/or services offered and your people at the forefront of the audiences you serve is imperative. This is how you your business, sales and workforce can return to normalcy more quickly. Obtaining awards to showcase your business successes will help keep your organization front and center.

The various industry and business awards programs available through the Business Intelligence Group and others can elevate your business, especially during times when you need to stand out from the crowd. And, that crowd is ever-changing. The business and competitive landscape is shifting with fallout from COVID-19 rearing its ugly head every day.

There are many programs and categories from which to choose, allowing companies to determine which are right for their individual achievements.

If you are still standing, why not tell that story? Why not shout it from the rooftops? Why not earn the recognition your organization deserves.

And, when well-deserved awards are secured, perhaps what’s most important are the ways in which companies share these victories and use them to enhance their image. Leveraging these victories is as critical to the process as is creating award-winning entries.

Right now is the perfect time to seize opportunities to showcase your business. Promoting award wins is an excellent way to demonstrate the success of your organization and validate its mission, people and products for years to come. Awards serve as confirmation for stakeholders. They see firsthand they are aligned with a winner. It solidifies perceptions and fortifies relationships. Ensuring constituents know all about award wins is paramount to carrying on the legacy of a win.

Winning the trophy is just the beginning as it helps shape a company’s new image, and paves new paths to greater successes.

Susan Turkell, chief executive officer at PAIRELATIONS, LLC, has a proven track record that spans more than two decades for helping corporations earn recognition for the successes they are achieving throughout their organizations and across their operations.

PAIRELATIONS, LLC has a proven track record for helping corporations earn recognition for the successes they are achieving. For 20+ years, PAIRELATIONS has assisted clients of varying shapes and sizes win hundreds of awards in numerous programs and across myriad category types. Engaging with professional awards writers can help companies stand out as they bring experience to identifying accomplishments, capturing successes and earning deserved recognition. Working with a storyteller to share triumphs can make all the difference.

Due to the current global pandemic, it may be hard for companies to devote time to this process. PAIRELATIONS stands ready to put its talents to work on your behalf so you can focus on what you do best – running a soon-to-be award-winning business. Over the years, through PAIRELATIONS’ awards division, she has helped clients win hundreds upon hundreds of awards across myriad programs. This includes assisting them in earning recognition across a host of categories, ranging from products and people to management and materials. She is a four-time Grand Stevie® Award Winner, based on the number of points scored for all entries submitted. She earned this for multiple wins on behalf of a range of clients. You can email Susan at awards@pairelations.com, call her at 303-766-4343 or connect with her on LinkedIn. For more information, visit http://www.pairelations.com/awards-preparation/.