Are You Ready to Get Work-Smart with SocialTalent?

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It’s such a loaded word. 

Filled with a magnetic sense of both possibility and disruption, change has come to be an ever-present component of the modern workplace.

And while change is a constant, how we operate within this has fast become a true marker of organizational success. Can we adapt? Do we have the right knowledge to inform our decisions? Are we agile enough to think outside the box and see opportunity where others may not?

At SocialTalent, we have made it our business to thrive in this fluctuating middle ground. Our learning platform, filled with world-class training from some of the best minds in the industry, helps to build the skills that make better employees.

In a word, we make people work-smart.

What does it mean to be work-smart?

Some people are born book-smart; they have an innate ability to consume and understand academic and theoretical matters. Others are street-smart and naturally possess a shrewd common sense and resourcefulness. But neither of these proficiencies can really be taught.

Being work-smart, however, is a truly open skill.

Everyone can be work-smart.

With access to the right kind of learning – that’s focused on actionable results, inclusivity, and inspiration – your whole employee base has an opportunity to develop and become work-smart regardless of career level, learning style, or location.

They can gain capabilities and build on their potential, creating employees who meet challenges head on and seek optimization. Who embrace change and innovation. Who push boundaries and cultivate cultures where diversity of thought is encouraged.

Being work-smart is about finding ways to do things better. 


Get work-smart with SocialTalent

Our whole evolution as a company has been a lesson in getting work-smart.

We started out training recruiters to find and hire the best talent. But as the years went on, we realized there was potential to do so much more. From upskilling interviewers and extolling the benefits of DEI to levelling-up leaders, improving onboarding, and championing personal development – SocialTalent now helps entire organizations to build better workplaces.

Get work-smart is our shorthand for all of the above.

We don’t see the purpose in learning for learning’s sake. We have endeavored to create an experience that leans into actionable outcomes – particularly when learning becomes a shared, company-wide priority. 

A lot of online training can be long and tedious – delivered on clunky, hard-to-use platforms from ineffectual presenters with dated insights and ideas. The learning programs quickly become another ‘shelfware’ project and a wasted opportunity for growth. SocialTalent flips the script:  

  • Our content is inspirational: we generate those lightbulb moments.
  • Our content is joyful: we find the potential in every process.
  • Our content is disruptive: we don’t do cookie-cutter learning.
  • Our content is inclusive: we leave no person behind.
  • Our content is clear: we give you the keys to success.

SocialTalent empowers organizations to develop high-performing, inclusive, work-smart teams.

Work-smart in progress

Just like the world of work, we too are continually evolving to better serve our customers, users, and employees. Our aim when developing this new vision was to find a phrase that encapsulates our core mission, but also signals to the future.

Our north star will always be to build better workplaces, and helping employees to get work-smart is how we do this. This mantra is aspirational – it will infuse how we create our learning content and equip teams with the knowledge and tools needed to flourish in this ever-altering world of work. 

Are you ready to get work-smart?

Check out SocialTalent’s brand new homepage to see how we help organizations get work-smart.

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