Helping recruiters improve their cash flow and boost their business during this crisis

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GRENKE has secured the trust of the British Institute of Recruiters (BIOR) as their preferred invoice finance facility, supporting recruitment agencies across the UK with invoice financing and other financial solutions.

COVID-19 has significantly affected members of the BIOR. Recruitment has
been frozen in some heavy workforce industries, candidates are down due to
either sickness or fear of sickness and key clients will be forced to withdraw
from outsourcing recruitment.

The unknown is the biggest problem, how long will this go on for?

With agencies across the UK seeking advice and support, the BIOR have activated their GOLD service providers to ensure their membership are provided with key industry support, from Human Resources, Legal to Financial.

Azmat Mohammed, BIOR Founder
and Director General says,
“The British Institute of Recruiters mission during
this unprecedented, challenging time for our members is to remain the industry
leader in providing information and services. We are working with all our
service providers to ensure we can offer our members solutions to their
immediate business issues.

GRENKE has been a great support to the Institute and our members since we launched them as a GOLD service provider in 2019. However, their support has been crucial during this pandemic. Cash flow is key to any business, but recruitment more so, even during “normal” financial payment terms. Their fast payment for invoices are providing a lifeline to our members.”

GRENKE have a varied product range to suit any business, at any stage of cash flow issues. Over the last decade, they have accumulated a vast amount of experience in the recruitment sector, helping them solve issues of delayed payment and credit limit reductions. Many agencies have sought GRENKEs help as their current invoice finance facility has not provided the personal and efficient service needed.

Armand Roux, GRENKE Sales Director says, “The BIOR and GRENKE have very similar values and a drive to support our clients / members through this crisis. We were delighted that the BIOR chose GRENKE UK over any other Invoice Finance providers in the UK. Our experience in the recruitment sector gives us the industry knowledge to offer the right products to business owners, and immediate support to their financial needs. At GRENKE, we invest in customer relationships, with one-to-one Account Managers and innovative technology to track payments. Fast, forward thinking finance. We look forward to supporting more businesses with the BIOR”

The BIOR continue to work with their members to ensure the recruitment industry continues to contribute to the UK economy with the same strength as it did before the 2020 downfall. The industry has always managed to adapt, thrive and grow when other industries have struggled – long may it continue to do so. 

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