How Access Recruitment CRM helps with Rates Management

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How Access Recruitment CRM helps with Rates Management

  • 15 Jun 2020
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    By Andy Betts, Product Manager – Access Recruitment CRM

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  • Is your rate management causing you headaches and sleepless nights? It’s not surprising if they do, it’s a minefield of complexity.

    If your agency is in Healthcare or Education, your pay and charge rates are likely to be driven from a framework or Local Government.

    These are a complex set of rates to manage, update and ensure that the right rate is applied to the right job at the right time. There’s PAYE, Umbrella, Ltd Company and Direct Hires. Then there’s the added complexity of AWR and the post parity rates and when do they kick in.

    These are then often split by region then by position and grade, then a different rate per shift. For example, a Nurse Band 7 in Inner London has one rate for an 8-4pm shift but the same position and grade in Outer London has a different rate all together.

    What about the ABI percentage if you’re in Healthcare? How does that fit in and how do you report on it? It’s all very confusing and a mammoth manual task in most CRMs to add the rates per job, each and every time.

    How Access Recruitment CRM can help

    It all starts with our Central Rate Management module – it handles everything for you in one place. You can see it in action in this short, demo video by Louis Urbanowski

    You can add as many frameworks as you need to the system and we also specialise in custom imports for existing rates to be added, taking away the manual task of entering them.

    Once the rates are in the Central Rate Management module, Access Recruitment CRM handles the rest. Simply tell the system which framework, contract or Local Government the client works to and it will pull all the relevant rates down to the client record.

    When you then add a job and define the position and grade, the system will then look back at the client record and pull the relevant rates through.

    Consultants will still have the ability to make adjustments to the rates if they have negotiated different rates with the worker. If you update the rates you can choose whether to push those new rates out to clients or not, giving you complete flexibility.

    Our Central Rate Management module also integrates with our User Management module, so you can restrict who can do what and when!

    Finally, with our report builder, you can quickly and easily report on which rates have been used and where. Then you can get that all important ABI figure out so you can keep an eye on your costs!

    It also handles multiple time periods, meaning you can expire a set of rates when you need to before the next set kick in. It’s powerful, easy to use and most importantly, its peace of mind that your complex rates needs are covered.


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