How Your Employer Brand Supports Your Outbound Recruiting Efforts

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Your employer brand is a staple of your company’s reputation. A compelling employer brand allows companies to showcase their reputation to attract new potential employees, customers and potential investors. While we have been focusing on the topic of outbound recruiting, it does not mean that you should completely shy away from inbound recruiting marketing such as employer branding. Both outbound recruiting and employer branding work together to craft the right approach when engaging candidates.

Common Myth: Employer Branding Is Only for Inbound Recruiting

While employer branding represents one of the core elements of recruiting, it isn’t just for inbound recruiting. Inbound recruiting is a way to attract candidates based on recruitment marketing, whereas outbound recruiting is a strategy to target and contact candidates.

However, employer branding also supports your overall outbound recruiting efforts and gives your organization a competitive advantage. Here’s why:

Your mission speaks for itself. Your mission and values tell potential candidates what you do and envision as a company. You might want to include past successes and achievements and share them with potential candidates. Any additional information that may benefit the candidate will set you apart from other companies.

For example, suppose you’re an organization that thrives on providing grammatical services that instantly help writers spot grammar mistakes. In that case, you may want to consider reaching out to candidates who have a background in creative writing to spark their interest in working with your organization. Bonus points for you if you find their past writing samples to help step up your outreach game.

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You have internal supporters. Your internal employees can also become a great source of inspiration in attracting new candidates from your outbound recruiting strategy. In your initial message, share some insider information about your organization with your target candidates. This may include (but isn’t limited to) positive reviews from internal employees and recent promotions to show professional growth opportunities within your organization.

For example, you can say something like this: Employee A in the marketing team says the best part of being on this team is weekly happy hours with other team members! 

As simple as it sounds, sometimes fun events like these may attract potential employees!

You spend less time talking about your company (people already know you). When you hone into the perks and benefits of your organization, people will automatically know about you! People will see that you work for an established organization when you update your company site, review platforms (Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.), and increase your social media presence.

For example, showcase some of your current employees’ successes that have contributed to the organization on your social media accounts! This tells potential candidates about the company culture while supporting your current team members.

You improve the candidate experience and increase engagement. When you put effort into creating a more compelling employer brand, candidate experience and engagement will improve. Using the right employer branding and outbound recruiting strategy, you can create a seamless candidate experience.

Set yourself apart from other competitors by implementing creative messages and outreach strategies with your current employer brand to attract potential candidates into your organization.