72% of employees say they are eager to return to the office following COVID-19

As the coronavirus quickly spread across the country, employers reacted  swiftly to strategize a more mobile workforce. Now, as states begin to ease shutdown restrictions, nearly three in four employees say they are ready to get back to the workplace, according to new numbers from jobs and recruiting website Glassdoor.

Among those findings, men (79%) are more likely than women (61%) to say they are eager to return to their company’s office.

What it means for HR

Employee health and safety expectations are also high, as workers anticipate companies will put in place new measures to protect their wellbeing as offices reopen.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all model for employers preparing to reopen their offices,” says Carina Cortez, Glassdoor’s chief people officer. “While many workers are eager to return to the office, employers considering reopening offices should clearly communicate that the workplace is going to look very different, and keep employees informed on what that means for them.”

What employees are expecting:

  • More than three in four (79%) expect their employer to provide disinfectant/hand sanitizer.
  • Over half (54%) expect their employer to mandate employees wear masks/gloves in the office.
  • 45% expect their employer to space out work stations at least six feet from other co-workers.
  • 38% expect their employer to check employees’ temperatures upon arriving at work.

Some employers, like Twitter, have instead recently given employees the option to permanently work remotely.

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 “Now more than ever, employers must closely monitor local guidelines and listen to their employees to ensure they are meeting the needs of the people that fuel their business,” Cortez adds.