Introducing remotejobs, the UK’s first dedicated remote job site

Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Introducing remotejobs, the UK’s first dedicated remote job site

  • 01 Jun 2020
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    Online recruitment experts Jamie Mistlin and Anna Taylor have announced the launch of an exciting new job site dedicated solely to remote jobs.

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  • In their 15 years in the industry, they have encouraged employers to offer remote working as a benefit to help them capture in-demand talent. However, they quickly became frustrated by the limitations of traditional jobs boards where a role is locked to a single location, usually restricting recruiters to a pool of candidates within a 25-mile radius. 

    The first of its kind in the UK, allows companies to effectively advertise their remote working opportunities in a way not possible before.

    This timely venture allows recruiters to advertise any type of remote role by using the site’s custom search filters which allow employers to categorise the remote level the opportunity provides. This includes opportunities from 100% Remote to Ad-hoc Remote (1-2 days per month) or even Field Remote (UK / Region-based with client-side meetings). This gives a voice to remote-friendly roles that are currently lost on generalist job boards, putting more opportunities in front of a larger talent pool.

    With remote working on the rise and catalysed by the COVID-19 pandemic, forward-thinking businesses are updating their flexible working policies. remotejobs aims to nurture a community of such companies and help them realise the full value of remote working for some or all of the time. In addition to expanding companies’ candidate pools and helping to reduce overhead costs, some of the proven benefits are:

    • Research has shown that remote working increases performance. A study from Gallup shows that optimum employee engagement occurs when they spend between 60% and 80% of time working remotely. Highly engaged workplaces see 21% higher profitability and 40% fewer quality defects. 
    • Less commuting means happier employees (not to mention cost-saving to them). According to a Lloyds Bank study, the average worker spends £37,399 over their lifetime on commuting.
    • Can reduce staff turnover. Owl Labs’ 2017 State of Remote Work report found that companies that support remote work have 25% lower employee turnover than companies that don’t.

    remotejobs co-founder, Jamie Mistlin said:

    “At remotejobs our mission is to help companies unlock more talent by being more remote-friendly. Over the years we’ve been championing the benefits of offering remote days as a key benefit and have seen hiring wars won and lost on a company’s policy to offer remote-working. Great talent can be based anywhere and remotejobs’ remit is to put more opportunities in front of relevant talent who’s dream job could be with an employer 250 miles away.”