Job&Talent, a digital staffing platform headquartered in Madrid, Spain, reported revenue in the US market rose 22% year over year to $450 million for full year 2023. 

The growth makes the US Job&Talent’s largest and fastest-growing market in terms of revenue as well as the most profitable market for the company. 

Job&Talent focuses on the manufacturing and logistics sector and entered the US market in 2021.  In 2023, the company’s US operation placed over 100,000 workers, and served more than 200 national and global clients across 35 states. In Q4 2023, it integrated its three subsidiaries in the US — LGS Staffing, Sentech Services and Instaff — under the global Job&Talent brand; it is now set for the full rollout of its revamped product suite in the US this year. 

“While the industry showed an overall significant decline in 2023, Job&Talent stood strong and managed to significantly accelerate its growth journey in the US,” said US CEO Diego de Haro Ruiz in a press statement. “This result demonstrates the strength of our team, the quality of our product and service offering, and the unparalleled value we provide to our clients. We are excited to step into 2024 with a brand new product suite that will completely redefine the way companies engage with their flexible workforce, further accelerating our revenue growth.”