Majority of Jobseekers Can’t Articulate Skill Sets

Recruiting Talent

There’s a growing concern among recruiters looking to hire back newly unemployed workers: Candidates can’t articulate the skills they have amassed throughout their careers and it’s hurting their chances of being rehired.

According to a LiveCareer survey, a majority of jobseekers can’t capture transferable skills on their résumés or identify how their skills apply to other industries, and they are not comfortable speaking with potential employers about those skill sets. “This inability to understand and articulate their transferable skills threatens to make the stay on unemployment much longer for millions of jobseekers who sorely need work,” says Donald Sjoerdsma, a Career Advice Expert at LiveCareer.

There is a transferable skills knowledge and confidence gap, a lethal combination for jobseekers, according to findings of the survey of 1,519 jobseekers unemployed because of COVID-19. LiveCareer conducted the survey from May 6, 2020, through May 11, 2020, by which time over 36.4 million workers had already filed for unemployment.

When generalized to the population of COVID-displaced jobseekers, the survey findings reveal the depth of the issues. The infographic below highlights key findings from the survey. For more information on this survey, click here.

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