Microsoft acquires robotic process automation firm, Truework announces $30 million funding round: Tech Roundup


Microsoft Corp. acquired a robotic process automation firm, Truework announced a $30 million funding round and Infosys announced work with state of Rhode Island for contract-tracing app.

Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Corp. acquired Softomotive, a supplier of robotic process automation that was founded in 2005. The deal aims to enable people to create bots to automate manual business processes without knowing how to code. Softomotive has more than 9,000 global customers; its product is WinAutomation and it will be combined with existing Microsoft Power Automate capabilities.

“Together with Power Automate, WinAutomation will provide customers additional options for RPA desktop authoring so anyone can build a bot and automate Windows-based tasks,” according to Microsoft.


Truework, an information verification service, announced the completion of a $30 million series B funding round today.

The company’s platform provides an automated service that “removes the need for HR departments to respond directly to requests from lenders, landlords, background check companies and others.” When a third party requests data, such as income, the respective employee receives an email or text with specific details about the inquiry and is given the option to approve or deny the request.

Truework launched an API in March aimed at verifying income and employment data for high-volume users groups such as lenders and medical staffing firms.

The funding round was led by Activant Capital.


IT services firm Infosys (NYSE: INFY) announced it’s partnering with the state of Rhode Island to launch a mobile app to provide contact tracing to combat Covid-19. In addition to contact tracing, the app will provide information on quarantine and isolation as well as symptom monitoring and other information from the Rhode Island Department of Health.

“We have been asking Rhode Islanders to keep a diary of who they come into contact with each day,” Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo said. “Especially now, as we begin the process of reopening our state, this type of contact tracing is critical to identifying and slowing the spread of the virus.”