Rhode Island enacts Nurse Licensure Compact


Rhode Island became the 41st jurisdiction to enact the Nurse Licensure Compact, which allows registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses to have one multistate license, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Inc. announced today. That one license gives nurses the ability to practice in-person or via telehealth in both their home state and other Nurse Licensure Compact states without having to obtain additional licenses.

Rhode Island Gov. Daniel McKee signed the Nurse Licensure Compact into law on June 24.

“Our state is grappling with a severe shortage of nurses,” Rhode Island state Sen. Joshua Miller, a sponsor of the legislation, said in a press release. “Returning to the compact is a way we can make it easier and more appealing for nurses to come here for a job, making it easier for our hospitals and health facilities to fill their staffing needs.”

While the Nurse Licensure Compact has been enacted in Rhode Island, it must still go through an implementation process, according to the council. The implementation date has not yet been set.

“A multistate license facilitates cross-border practice for many types of nurses who routinely practice with patients in other states, including primary care nurses, case managers, transport nurses, school and hospice nurses and many others,” according to the council.