Risk Warden back to work Covid-19 self assessment

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Risk Warden back to work Covid-19 self assessment

  • 01 Jun 2020
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    Risk Warden’s efficient and easy to use cloud based digital platform provides a self-assessing step by step process for building a comprehensive back to work Covid-19 risk assessment, helping to protect businesses, their employees and customers.

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  • As the UK battles through this time of uncertainty the  UK Government has begun the gradual process of  releasing UK businesses from the Coronavirus lockdown in a bid to get business owners and their employers back to work as safety and efficiently as possible.

    As part of this process the government has Published Guidance and made it a requirement that “all employers carry out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment before returning to work”  


    In line with this guidance, Risk Warden has launched a comprehensive COVID-19 Compliance Self-Assessment Solution.  Risk Warden is a leader in the development of digital Risk Assessment solutions and already covers the primary risk types, including Fire, Legionella, Health & Safety, and Asbestos

    Their COVID-19 Self-Assessment solution encompasses all 8 business types and operating models as outlined in the Government’s latest guidance.  All Self-Assessments remain “live” on their Cloud Platform, which the Risk Warden team ensure is updated to reflect the latest Government guidance as and when it is released.  Clients also receive automatic email notifications informing them when such updates require them to review their ‘live’ self-as

    David Adkins, Managing Director, Risk Warden, said: “Assessing risk can be a lengthy and complicated process, so we’ve developed a solution that enhances an organisation’s ability to manage the entire process, assessment, management, audit and proof of compliance.

    The guidance released by government is very clear, there is a mandatory requirement for all businesses to work with their employees to ensure that COVID-19 risks are considered and mitigated. The government have underpinned this with £14 million being made available for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for extra call centre employees, inspectors and equipment to monitor, guide and, where necessary, enforce the guidance. Risk Warden’s platform enables users to build, monitor and manage their COVID-19 risks, meaning businesses will be able to quickly get back to work confident in the knowledge that they are complying with the guidance and providing their employees with a safe workplace.”