In the News – Survey Explores Your Employees Shyness About Going in Front of a Webcam?

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Working from home may become more mainstream in the future.

And that means more virtual meetings with your team. But you may not want to push for video chats very often. They’re making many members of your staff uncomfortable for myriad reasons.

From self-consciousness to messy work rooms, people just aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. And that could hold your best employees and staff members back from putting their best effort forward.

That’s why 1 in 3 people working from home cover their webcams, according to a new survey. For more details on that story, check out our story from this week.

And for the rest of the week in small business headlines, check out our weekly news roundup below:

Small Business News

What is the Future of Passwords? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Have you ever wondered about the future of passwords? Around the world, hackers are jumping on the COVID-19 pandemic to spread malware and steal vital information. With an uptick in cyberattacks during lockdown, businesses are being warned to crack down on lax remote working practices.

57% of Small Business Owners Believe Remote Work Will Continue After Stay-at-Home Orders Lifted

Are you thinking about allowing your employees to work from home post the COVID-19 pandemic? If yes, then you are among more than half of small business owners who are planning to do the same. According to the latest survey from Intermedia, 57% of SMB owners said they are likely to continue increased remote working options for employees in the long term.

Small Business Loan Approval Rates Drop to Record Lows in April

According to a new index, small businesses are having a hard time getting the non government money they need from banks to stay open. This at a time when they need it the most. Specifically, the small business loan approval rate dropped to 8.9% in April from an all time high (28.3%) in February.

53% of Small Businesses Expect to Re-open Soon

More than half of small businesses believe they will be able to reopen soon. 53% of small business owners think reopening takes place within a month after lockdown restrictions get lifted. A quarter of small business also estimate they will be back to pre-pandemic revenue and employment levels in a month’s time. revealed these statistics recently.

Twobird from Notability Designed to Consolidate Your Email Inbox

Notability, providers of productivity software for businesses and professionals, recently launched Twobird. This productivity app provides an all-purpose inbox for essential everyday tasks. The consolidated inbox is built by the team at Ginger Labs, creators of the top-selling note-taking app, Notability.

IT Pros Can Now Do Remote Installation of GoToMyPC

LogMeIn, providers of software for remote collaboration, now allows IT pros a chance to do remote installation of GoToMyPC for clients. Businesses can now remotely deploy, install and configure GoToMyPC remote access software across devices simultaneously. GoToMyPC is a secure remote access solution, which allows professionals in access their work computers from anywhere.

57% of Small Businesses are Optimistic Despite COVID-19

The majority of small businesses (57%) report they are optimistic or extremely optimistic about the future of their businesses despite the COVID-19 crisis, according to a survey released today. The State of Small Business Report, issued by Facebook and the Small Business Roundtable, surveyed 86,000 small business people.  The report focused on the COVID-19 situation.

The Inside Story of What Happened After Facebook Acquired Instagram

We all know Facebook acquired Instagram about 8 years ago. But a new book from Bloomberg News reporter Sarah Frier discusses the inside story on how that deal went down. I never really got Instagram until 2018, but now I understand the power of social media by posting pictures and videos from my mobile phone.

61% of Small Businesses Are Satisfied with Their Accountant

If you contact your accountant once a month or once a quarter, you should try to do it more often. Your accountant can be your trusted advisor who you can turn to for a wide range of business advice. According to a survey conducted by OnPay, 61% of small businesses are completely satisfied with the range of services their accountant offers.

Only 5% of Small Businesses Reached Their Goals in the Last Year

Creating yearly goals for your small business is important. But did you know that most companies never reach them? In fact, just 5% of small businesses have achieved all their goals in the past 12 months. This was the finding of a new survey report from Clutch titled ‘5 Strategy Development Tips for Small Businesses in 2020.


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