Staffing provider Groupe Crit reports revenue down nearly 30% in Q3, improvement from Q2


Groupe Crit, a Paris-based staffing provider with operations in the US, reported third-quarter revenue fell as the Covid-19 crisis drags on.

Third-quarter revenue at Groupe Crit fell 29.8% to €456.0 million (US$533.8 million). The decline was 29.2% when adjusted for the impact of currencies as well as the impact of acquisitions and divestitures. However, the company noted the third-quarter’s decrease was an improvement over the second-quarter decline of 52.6%.

A majority of Groupe Crit’s revenue comes from staffing though the company also has a division that provides services to airports. Looking at just temporary staffing, third-quarter revenue fell 23.4% to €404.6 million (US$473.6 million), a smaller decline than the 47.4% decrease in the second quarter.

US staffing revenue fell 22.9% in constant currency to €57.7 million (US$67.5 million). Groupe Crit’s US operations include The Peoplelink Group based in South Bend, Indiana.

Temporary staffing revenue fell 24.2% in France and declined 4.7% in Spain, the company’s other markets.