Technology’s impact on the casino industry


Technology has played a vital role in transforming a
majority of industries across the globe – in particular, the casino industry.

As the casino industry has rapidly evolved, gamblers have
seen a range of new facilities offered and gambling conglomerates have seen an
exponential rise in profits.

However, how has technology helped this be attained?

Mobile Devices

In an age where a majority of the population above 16 in the
UK is in possession of a mobile phone, the increased accessibility to
technology is providing opportunities for gambling companies to adapt their
services to meet the demands of consumers. With casinos now being adapted to
mobile phones, players can access their favourite apps and sites with ease from
anywhere in the country.

Mobile technology has created more convenience and is
allowing gambling companies to become beneficiaries of the increased mobile
engagement that ultimately leads to a more convenient and accessible gambling

Online Gambling

As touched upon before, online gambling has revolutionised
the casino industry. Prior to the current technological advancements, all
casinos operated in local towns and cities, meaning that gamblers had to travel
in order to play their favourite games or place bets.

Yet, as technology has progressed, online gambling was born,
initially on desktop computers – yet it has now successfully migrated to mobile
phones. This transition to online gambling services has allowed many casino companies to keep their
physical bases open – yet also integrate new technology into their business
model in order to maximise their profit and increase their market share.

Online gambling has provided a way for casinos to mirror
their services onto digital platforms in order to provide platforms where
customers can easily access their favourite games.

Bigger Product Range

Due to technological advancements allowing developers to
integrate software such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality into
their games, this is granting online casinos with an increased range of
products in which they can offer.

Technology such as artificial intelligence is allowing
companies to implement regulation and support during casino games that can
ensure the game is operating correctly without the potential for human error.
This is creating a more regulated and supportive gambling environment that is

Additionally, with virtual reality technology growing in
popularity, gambling companies are able to begin introducing this to their
games to facilitate more immersive and interactive gameplay experiences,
particularly in the case of live dealer games, so that gamblers are provided
with a realistic and enjoyable experience from the comfort of their own homes.

These new technologies are allowing online casinos to
develop a wider range of games by incorporating them into their software –
which is providing customers with a more enjoyable and diversified gambling

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