Tennessee, Illinois and Minnesota are largest industrial staffing states as percent of states’ GDP


Tennessee, Illinois and Minnesota ranked among the largest states for industrial temporary staffing revenue when measured as a percent of “gross state product,” the state-level measure of gross domestic product, according to a report by Staffing Industry Analysts, the “Industrial Staffing Growth Assessment: June 2022 Update.”

Industrial staffing revenue in Tennessee was nearly $1.20 billion in 2020, representing 0.32% of gross state product.

Illinois ranked second with industrial staffing revenue of nearly $2.69 billion, representing 0.31% of gross state product. Third largest, Minnesota, posted industrial staffing revenue of $986 million, which equated to 0.26% of gross state product.

The report uses data from another SIA report, the “2021 US Geographic Opportunity Atlas,” and data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The three largest states in terms of overall industrial staffing revenue were California, $4.43 billion; Illinois, $2.69 billion; and Texas, $2.52 billion.

SIA’s report “Industrial Staffing Growth Assessment: June 2022 Update” is available to corporate members. It takes an in-depth look at industrial staffing and acts as an almanac-like guide to the profile and structure of the US industrial staffing industry.