Tool Chests: Get Organized With Our Top Picks

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If you work with a lot of tools, you probably already know the importance of keeping them organized and secure. Having a sturdy, secure tool chest keeps all of your important items organized and in one place. Plus, many tool chests have wheels, so you can move them around as you work. Some have other convenient features as well, like built-in power strips, safety locks, and more.

There are lots of tool chest options out there, so we have comprised a list of the ten best tool chests available on Amazon to help you find the best tool chest for your needs.

The Best Tool Chests for Your Business

Feature/Model Top Pick: WORKPRO 9-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest Runner Up: CRAFTSMAN Workbench with Drawer Liner Roll/Tray Set Best Value: ERGOMASTER 5-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest Cabinet
Size 18.2″D x 46″W x 37″H 45 x 33 x 21 inches 23?D x 11?W x 40.5?H
Material Stainless Steel Wood steel
Surface Solid Wood Top Butcher Block Top Not specified
Number of Drawers 9 Not specified (workbench-style) 5
Treatment Rust and corrosion resistant Not specified Not specified
Additional Features 2 stationary & 2 locking casters Ball bearing drawers, drawer liner roll, drawer trays Cabinet can be separated into 2 boxes
Locking System Yes Yes Not specified


WORKPRO 9-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

WORKPRO 46-Inch 9-Drawers Rolling Tool Chest

Top Pick: Our number one pick, the 9 drawer rolling chest from WorkPro, is large enough to hold and organize all of your tools.  It is made from stainless steel and has rust and corrosion resistant treatment. The solid wood top surface is a perfect workspace, and its locking system keeps your tools and supplies secure. It has 2 stationary casters and 2 locking casters, so you can move it to wherever you need it.

WORKPRO 46-Inch 9-Drawers Rolling Tool Chest

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CRAFTSMAN Workbench with Drawer Liner

CRAFTSMAN Workbench with Drawer Liner Roll, Tray Set

Runner Up: Coming in a close second is another workbench-style chest. Craftsman’s 41 inch rolling storage chest has a butcher block top, ball bearing drawers that won’t slam shut, and deep drawers to store more tools and tool cases. This rolling tool chest also comes with a roll of drawer liner and a set of drawer trays.

CRAFTSMAN Workbench with Drawer Liner Roll/Tray Set

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ERGOMASTER 5-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

ERGOMASTER 5-Drawers Rolling Tool Chest Cabinet

Best Value: Our best value pick proves you don’t have to pay a lot to get the best tool chest for the money. Ergomaster’s 5 drawer tool chest is small, but has plenty of room for all of your tools thanks to its drawers, trays and cabinets. At just 23″D x 11″W x 40.5″H, this tool chest is perfect for smaller spaces. Plus, the whole cabinet can be separated into 2 boxes.

ERGOMASTER 5-Drawers Rolling High Capacity Tool Storage Cabinet with Locking System

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OEMTOOLS Professional 8-Drawer Tool Chest

OEMTOOLS 24565 Professional 36 Inch 8-Drawer Tool Cart

This rolling tool storage chest features over 10k cubic inches of storage volume. It has 7 shallow drawers that can hold 100 lbs each, and 1 deep drawer rated to 200 lbs. Heavy duty casters and a sturdy handle allow for easy mobility, and the tubular locking system keeps tools secure.

OEMTOOLS 24565 Professional 36 Inch 8-Drawer Tool Cart, Tool Chest with Wheels, Tool Boxes with Drawers 

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Kennedy Manufacturing 7-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

Kennedy Manufacturing 297Xr 7-Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet

Kennedy Manufacturing’s rolling tool chest is made of heavy gauge steel with a powder coat finish. The top surface has 3 edges to prevent sliding, and the 7 drawers have an internal, automatic locking system. Tubular side handles and swivel casters make steering and moving around easy and smooth.

Kennedy Manufacturing 297Xr 7-Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet

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Goplus 4-Tier Rolling Tool Cabinet on Wheels

Goplus Tool Cart, 4-Tier Rolling Tool Box Cabinet on Wheels

This tool chest on wheels from Goplus offers multi-tiered organization and storage. A top storage area, 2 drawers and a lower shelf provide plenty of room for your tools, and you can lock the sliding top and two drawers together to keep them safely stored. Two lockable casters and 2 regular casters allow the tool chest to be moved around with ease.

Goplus 4-Tier Rolling Tool Box Cabinet on Wheels with Lockable Drawers

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Grizzly Industrial 10-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

Grizzly Industrial H7730-10-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

Grizzly Industrial offers this large, 10 drawer rolling tool chest for storing all your tools and toolboxes. The drawers are of varying sizes and they all have protective foam pads. A single key locks and unlocks all drawers. The chest cabinet body is made of 19 gauge steel and the top and bottom are 18 gauge steel.

Grizzly Industrial H7730-10-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

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GEARWRENCH 5 Drawer Tool Chest

GEARWRENCH 41inch 5 Drawer GSX Series Tool Chest

Gearwrench takes tool storage one step further and provides an integrated power strip. This 41 inch chest is stationary, is made from 20 gauge alloy steel, and auto return sliding drawers with 100 lb capacity.

GEARWRENCH 41″ 5 Drawer GSX Series Tool Chest

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The Original Pink Box

The Original Pink Box PB1804R 16-Inch 4-Drawer

This slim, lockable tool chest keeps your tools close at hand when you need them, and securely stored away when you don’t. Each of the 5 drawers supports up to 100 lbs and features quick release ball bearing slides, stain resistant pulls, and matching non-slip liner. It provides a total of 5,825 total cubic inches of storage, and it is very bright pink.

The Original Pink Box 16-Inch 4-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool/Salon Cart, with Bulk Storage, Pink

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Global Industrial Pedestal Shop Desk and Tool Chest

Pedestal Shop Desk, 4 Drawers & Shelf, Blue

Last up is this desk/tool chest combo from Global Industrial. It is made from alloy steel and has 4 spacious drawers, a flat surface top, and storage shelves on top. All drawers come with both a cylinder lock and padlock hasp, and there are electrical outlet-ready punch-outs.

Global Industrial 38″W x 29″D x 51″H Pedestal Shop Desk and Tool Chest

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What To Look For When Buying a Tool Chest

For professionals who rely on tools daily for their business or projects, a tool chest is not just a box—it’s an essential partner in efficiency and productivity. Keeping tools organized and within easy reach can make a significant difference in work output. So, if you’re buying a tool chest to elevate your work process, here’s a more in-depth dive into those factors:

  • Size:
    • Workspace Alignment: A tool chest should sync with your workspace. If you have a compact area, consider a vertically tall chest. For broader spaces, a wide chest might be more fitting.
    • Expansion Planning: Think about future tool acquisitions. Will your collection grow? Ensure the chest can accommodate potential tool additions.
  • Mobility:
    • Frequency of Movement: If you frequently change your workspace, a wheeled chest offers unmatched convenience. Look for smooth, heavy-duty casters.
    • Locking Mechanism: Some wheeled tool chests have locking wheels to ensure stability during work.
  • Durability:
    • Material Matters: Steel is commonly used due to its strength. Aluminum is lighter but may not be as resilient. Check the gauge (thickness) of the material.
    • Rust Resistance: Especially important if your workspace is prone to humidity. A powder-coated finish can prevent rust.
  • Safety:
    • Drawer Slides: Ensure smooth gliding even when fully loaded. Ball-bearing slides are popular for this.
    • Gas Struts: On lid-covered chests, these provide safe, slow, and silent closing.
  • Extra Features:
    • Integrated Lighting: For low light conditions, some chests come with built-in LED lights.
    • Dividers & Bins: Enhances organization by segregating tools based on type or size.


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