Top 5 Areas In London For Startups

Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Top 5 Areas In London For Startups

  • 03 Mar 2023
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    With London as the financial capital of the UK, it makes sense for businesses to situate their headquarters there, whether you’re a global corporation or even a startup.

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  • Hubs have emerged across the city, including creative, financial, and tech-based districts, leading prospective renters to question which areas would best suit their business. 

    For startups, there are multiple areas in London which stand out as ideal locations, notably Shoreditch, Camden, Tottenham, Islington, and Hackney. 

    With the added introduction of hybrid working and flexible patterns, startups have wider scope in terms of how they operate, so it is highly likely you’ll be able to find an area in London to suit your business needs and requirements. Whether your business needs to find a workspace in London, or just needs a small office, there is a little bit of everything available. 

    1. Shoreditch

    Synonymous with creatives, Shoreditch is an ideal location for startups seeking a lively and fashionable atmosphere. Despite being a popular area, Shoreditch is still relatively affordable compared to neighbouring districts Soho and the West End, making it a good central area for startups to establish their brands. 

    The area is highly connected with nearby transport links and is home to many coworking and flexible working spaces. An office in Shoreditch could therefore be the ideal spot for startups due to its creative reputation, range of working spaces, and central London location. 

    2. Camden

    Camden has an ever-evolving population of artisan retailers, independent stores, and small businesses, making it a key spot for startups as well. Much like Shoreditch, Camden has a range of coworking spaces across the area which are used by tech companies and creatives alike. 

    Camden does also have a well-established ‘local community’ feel about it with nurseries in London, local shops and greengrocers all plying their trade in the area.

    Camden is renowned for its thriving commercial atmosphere which may suit rising startup or small business well, establishing your organisation amongst other innovators. 

    Whether you focus on tech, healthcare, entertainment, or the arts, Camden has something for everyone. 

    3. Tottenham

    Alternatively, Tottenham is a diverse and increasingly-popular place for new businesses to relocate. With its recent regeneration investments, Tottenham has transformed into an area rich with opportunity, attracting startups and large corporations alike. 

    Compared to other London districts, you’ll be able to rent an office in Tottenham for a more affordable price which is often attractive for startups looking to minimise their outgoings. Tottenham could therefore be a great place to settle, especially as more and more opportunities are emerging in the area. 

    4. Islington

    Home to the ‘Silicon Roundabout’ where tech giants Apple, Google, and Amazon have all based operations, the borough of Islington constantly draws startups and disruptions to the area. Islington has a reputation for tech-based organisations, so it could suit a tech startup well by placing them amongst big names in the industry. 

    Whether you’re a software company, SEO agency, or tech corporation, Islington is a great place to establish your HQ, mingle with like-minded people, and allow your business to thrive. 

    5. Hackney

    Finally, Hackney is a strong area for startup funding and the development of new businesses. With council initiatives, Hackney has great support for startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, along with various coworking spaces designed for business success. 

    Ranging from coffee shops to government schemes, Hackney is home to numerous startups and is doing all it can to attract more, making it an affordable and supportive London location for new business. Do not discount Hackney when it comes to finding an area for your London-based startup.