Transparency to Drive Racial Equity


At Glassdoor, we stand with our Black employees and the Black community in pain, sadness, frustration, and anger. At our last company All Hands we held a moment of silence to honor George Floyd and all Black lives lost due to racial injustice. We unequivocally believe the prevalent, systemic racism throughout our society must end. Enough is enough. And while words matter, our actions matter more. 

To date, Glassdoor has not done enough to fight racial inequities in society or to proactively foster a higher level of diversity and inclusion within our own company. To be candid, we’ve known it’s important for years and did not invest enough. There were always other priorities. There were things we could have been doing and should have been doing, but we did not. It took a murder to remind us of what we already knew. This part doesn’t feel good. It’s not right and it’s why we will change. We knew better and in part, we were quiet. That’s been part of the problem everywhere. No more. 

We commit to supporting the Black community in the way Glassdoor knows best: by driving transparency. 

Since our founding, we have been committed to driving transparency in the workplace. We know that transparency drives accountability, which in turn drives positive change. Going forward, we will focus on driving transparency on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We’ll begin with transparency and actions in our company. And then, we will shine a spotlight on employers around the world.

1. Transparency to Drive Change at Glassdoor

At Glassdoor, we recognize that diversity within our own employee base is essential to the long term success and vitality of our business. To date, we have fallen short. We have zero Black executive team members. And across the more than 600 U.S. based employees at Glassdoor, only 4% are Black,  far lower than the U.S. population. This is a problem and we must change. While I don’t have the answers to this problem now, I commit to the following first steps by July 31st:

    • Data: we will publicly publish our full employee diversity data set, along with our pay equity results
    • Action: we will publicly state our action plan and goals to hold ourselves accountable to increasing diversity in our employee population
    • Community impact: we will publicly share a new charter for Glassdoor’s volunteering and giving program, known as Community Door, which now will be 100% focused on addressing systemic barriers to employment for underrepresented groups where we work and live

2. Transparency to Drive Change Around the World

As the world’s leading site for workplace transparency, our product and platform represent our biggest opportunity for impact and to drive societal change at scale. Of the more than 50 million job seekers that visit Glassdoor each month, many want to work in jobs and at companies that practice what they preach, that walk the talk when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and belonging commitments, and are truly equitable workplaces. Now it is time for our platform to shine a light on this. Areas that we are exploring include:

  • Employee feedback specifically on diversity, inclusion, and equity inside a company
  • Transparency in pay equity across different groups
  • Ratings and reviews by different groups, and
  • How companies are tracking toward the public pledges and commitments they have made in regards to diversity and inclusion 

While our product team is still working on their plan, which includes input from our diversity council at Glassdoor, we commit to coming back on July 31st with a public update on new product features we will release before the end of 2020.

Finally, while we don’t have all the answers today, this marks the first step in a renewed commitment from Glassdoor to help drive systemic change and fight racial inequities. We will get our own house in order. And we will help drive change in employers around the world.

More to come in our next update on July 31st.