TransUnion Offers Small Businesses Free Employee Background Screenings in Minutes

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transunion shareable for hires

TransUnion, the US consumer credit reporting agency, has launched free access to its ShareAble for Hires employment screening tools packages. The ShareAble for Hires package enables small businesses to conduct background checks on prospective employees safely, securely and within minutes.

The screening tool is completely transparent and job applicants receive a copy of the reports. Access to certain elements of the Shareable for Hires employment screening tool packages will remain free until the end of July 2020.

TransUnion ShareAble for Hires

Businesses taking advantage of the screening tool avoid waiting for screening reports. There are no setup fees to pay and the tool is accessible to small business.

Hiring the Right Employees During Times of Uncertainty

The hiring of staff can make or break a business. The need to employ the right candidates for roles has long been recognized and documented.

The coronavirus pandemic has rocked the economy and businesses of almost every industry. Amid the changing business landscape, the need to hire the right employees quickly and efficiently has never been so important. For example, Amazon announced it was hiring 100,000 new employees to meet the surge in online shopping during lockdown.

Within the climate of uncertainty and changing consumer habits and demands, it is more important than ever that businesses fill positions quickly with the right people. Faced with job losses and financial uncertainty, it is also important job applicants are offered jobs without delay.

This is when the ShareAbles for Hires employment screening tool package could prove an invaluable aid for both businesses and job-seekers. As the company states:

“We don’t know what is ahead for your company, but we want to know that we will do what we can to continue to provide support and make sure your business succeeds for the long term. That all start by hiring the right people.”

With the ShareAble hiring tool, small businesses can benefit from a wealth of features designed to make hiring more seamless and efficient. The checks include instant state and county checks, federal watch lists, national sex offender registry and national most wanted.

TransUnion Identity Verification

The package also includes TransUnion Identity Verification and TransUnion Instant Match. Other features include FCRA and state filters, fraud alert checks, name and SSN match reports, and deceased persons SSN checks.

Being available at no cost until the end of July 2020, small business struggling with cash flow and lost income can benefit from advanced employment checks without any cost.

Instant Hiring on the Spot

Jobseekers receive full transparency of the system, consenting online to share the report with their employer. With reports sent on the spot, both employers and employees can enjoy instant hiring.


Image: TransUnion

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