Treehouse Spaces Helps Companies with Open Office Plans Adapt to Virus Containment Efforts

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Are you planning to redesign your office to ensure social distancing and follow the best hygiene practices? If yes, then Treehouse Spaces, a recently launched division of Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic, can help you do that.

The new division of the Los Angeles-based design and fabrication shop aims at offering a new suite of custom products and design solutions to help businesses reconfigure their open offices and consumer environments while ensuring social distancing.

Treehouse Spaces for Coronavirus Reopening

As local authorities ease lockdown restrictions, more and more small businesses are reopening their offices.

However, coronavirus is still out there, and there is no effective treatment yet for Covid-19. So businesses need to ensure social distancing and follow the best hygiene practices to keep their employees and customers safe.

How Treehouse Spaces Can Help Small Business

Treehouse Spaces offers customized solutions to meet every client’s requirements. It provides businesses with acrylic shields, customized barriers, health checkup points, desk safety products, and audiovisual integrations. What’s more, the company also offers common area seating partitions, hand sanitizing solutions, and signage to encourage social distancing and usher footfall.

The company also launched two cost-effective products – the Nook and the Nook Go to help businesses ensure proper distancing between fixed desks. Both the Nook and the Nook Go come in an easy-to-install format. So you will not require any tool or technical knowledge to use them.

Brett Hyman, founder and CEO of NVE Experience Agency and co-founder of Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic, said in his prepared statement, “As millions of employees return to the workplace, businesses want to have the peace of mind that they’re doing everything they can to stop the spread of Covid-19,”

“Our team develops bespoke retrofit products and solutions to match every office’s needs, and most importantly, make sure that people feel comfortable returning to work,” He added.

Executives from Treehouse Spaces visit businesses first to determine which solution will work. The process includes designing, building, and installing safety solutions to ensure social distancing.

Moray Smith, president of Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic, said in his statement, “There is danger that businesses will take shortcuts, rather than the necessary measures to protect their employees,”

“Our goal with Treehouse Spaces is to help companies reconfigure their offices and do it right, following safety best practices, while saving them money in the process,” Mr. Smit concluded.

Some Tips from Treehouse for Coronavirus Reopening

As you prepare for reopening your business, you should make sure your office and customer zones are safe. And you have taken all the necessary measures to ensure social distancing.

Here is the coronavirus reopening checklist:

  • Make a timeline to stay on the track
  • Create a communication plan to inform employees and customers about your reopening
  • Make your office/customer zones safe (buy protective gears, install sanitizing stations, etc.)
  • Prepare a robust cleaning policy to stop the spread of germs
  • Support your employees emotionally

Last, but not least, you should be flexible enough to quickly adapt to any unexpected challenges your business might face due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

About Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic

Treehouse Fabrication & Scenic offers custom-fabricated environments for brands and agencies. Founded in 2017, the company has worked with leading brands such as Adidas, Twitter, Diageo, Billboard, and Samsung. Click here to know more about the company.



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