Warehouse, sanitation, food workers and more on list of in-demand temp jobs: PeopleReady


As people look to get back to work and permanent jobs are slow to recover, PeopleReady today released a list of the top temporary jobs companies are hiring for over the next month.

PeopleReady, TrueBlue Inc. (NYSE: TBI)’s industrial staffing division, compiled its list of the top temporary job opportunities for the next 30 days based on data provided by its on-demand staffing app JobStack. Each of the following position types has thousands of jobs posted for which workers are needed in the next 30 days:

  • Warehouse workers (e.g., forklift operators, pick/pack workers, shipping/receiving workers)
  • Sanitation workers (e.g., janitors, industrial cleaners)
  • Food processing and preparation (e.g., pastry chefs, food preparers, food assembly workers)
  • Construction laborers (e.g., foremen, helpers, flaggers)
  • Manufacturing workers (e.g., assemblers and fabricators, material handlers)
  • Retail workers (e.g., stockers and truck unloaders for grocery stores and pharmacies)
  • Waste management workers (e.g., refuse collectors, recycling and reclamation workers)
  • Skilled trades workers (e.g., carpenters, electricians, HVAC, solar installers, welders)

“As the nation begins the slow process of emerging from Covid-19 shutdowns, the permanent job market will take time to recover, and workers may need to think about employment differently than they did a few months ago,” said Taryn Owen, president of PeopleReady. “Temporary work can help people build new skills, establish relationships with potential employers and bring much-needed income to households across the country.”

PeopleReady also conducted a survey in late April that revealed more than half of workers have been affected by job loss due to Covid-19 — either their own, a spouse/significant other or another family member. In addition, 70% are having trouble making ends meet, and 72% are afraid they’ll be unable to pay their rent or mortgage in the coming months.

In addition, more than 36% report having no personal savings, and those who do are concerned it won’t last long. Twenty percent of respondents said their personal savings will likely last one week or less; only 4% said their savings would last a year or longer.

The survey was conducted online in the US by PeopleReady between April 21 and April 27. It included 3,276 workers across regions, industries and company sizes.