Workers’ job-loss concerns fall from initial highs near start of Covid-19 crisis


The number of workers concerned about losing their jobs during the Covid-19 crisis has fallen with only  39% of workers “concerned” or “very concerned” about losing their jobs, down from a peak of 51% several weeks ago, according to a weekly Covid-19 survey conducted by Indeed.

Indeed has conducted the survey each week for the last 10 weeks, and this is the final week. The surveys included 1,000 US respondents each.

This week’s survey also found fewer workers are worried about childcare. It found 24% were “concerned” or “very concerned” about childcare. That is down from 31% in the previous week and 36% at the peak in week three of the survey.

However, workers are still concerned about the virus. This week’s survey found 47% are concerned about contracting Covid-19 at work compared to 48% last week. In addition, 45% are worried about spreading the virus while working; that compares to 47% in last week’s survey.

“This week, we are seeing some areas of concern for American workers at their lowest in 10 weeks,” said Paul Wolfe, Indeed senior VP of human resources. “Concerns were high when we began these surveys 10 weeks ago and reached a peak in the third round of results in the first week of April.”

Wolfe noted the increased optimism may be caused by the reopening of economies across the US.