Riding the Pandemic Wave: 5 Key Tips to Coming Out on Top

COVID-19 staffing Talent Management and Recruiting Tips

The world is truly tumultuous right now. “I don’t know, we’ve never seen anything like this before” has become an everyday answer to questions in any and every industry. Our routines have all but vanished. Now what?

With my team at The Energists, we’re used to charting new territory — renewable energy is one of our favorite fields, and we’re always seeking the next adventure.

Covid-19 has given us just that: the next adventure will be getting back to work in a strange new world. Here are my top five tips for making the most of it and bouncing back.

Now’s the time to get reading — and not just the news. Maybe you already have a list of books you’ve been meaning to get at, or maybe you’d benefit from these top picks from CEOs. Whatever your style, now is the time to take in new strategy, insights and ideas that will boost your professional game once the world is up and running again.

Learn the tech tools. Remote work is no longer a novelty, a back-up plan, or a vague concept for future managers to navigate. It’s just another part of the new normal, so dive in! Take a moment to actually walk through a Zoom tutorial, or set up your personal phone and apps so that notifications, documents, and conversations are well organized. Set yourself up to succeed.

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Be transparent and communicate clearly. In tumultuous times, clear communication with both internal and external stakeholders is key to your work and your company’s brand. Both clients and employees are being faced with a world of uncertainty. If you choose consistency, transparency, and confidence, the impact of your leadership will pay dividends in positive relationships. The trust you build will last long after the dust has settled.

Take care of your culture. We already know that companies with a strong workplace culture are the most resilient, and Covid-19 is putting us all to the test. It’s especially important to keep everyone on our teams connected right now, building the right framework for a strong transition into the future. Learn more about what you can do — like setting up meetings about wellness, not work — from these research findings via Culture Amp.

Be kind to yourself. The experts at Harvard say it best: in these turbulent times, “we all need to take good care of ourselves, our bodies, and our minds.” This is a great time to build good habits and ditch bad ones, all in the spirit of creating a springboard for the future. There will be a light at the end of this tunnel, and we’ll all want to be ready for it.