The responsibility of a blogger!!


The responsibility of a blogger!!



Some of us have been blogging, podcasting, video blogging for some time. We have taken a lot of time to build our reputations, and followings. For the most part bloggers are good, honest hardworking people who are trying to spread facts, tips, tricks, and knowledge. However, in recent years there have been a flood of bloggers who are in it for the licks, and views. Who are now practicing sensationalism blogging, rumor mill blogging, conspiracy theorist blogging, etc.


This needs to stop, all this kind of blogging does it hurt your brand, as well as ours and makes people wonder if they can believe anything you say. Example recently google made some updates to their search algorithm. As a result, LinkedIn was not showing up. Well most of us investigated and then let it be known it was just a mistake and the results ended up coming back. Others decided to sensationalize it and say Linked pulled their site from being indexed and there for searchable via google.


Some of us did some investigating and found out that it was a simple error in the search algorithm nothing more. Yet we had some saying the sky is following. I remind everyone of the story of “The Boy who Cried Wolf”. Were in, for those that don’t know it. The boy cried a wolf was coming, when there was not wolf, that when the wolf finally came no one believed him, and you can guess what happened.


Let’s stop with the jumping to conclusions, sensationalizing and do our research and get it right. In some cases, it is not the actually post that is the issue but the title, even a title can cause issues. Let’s be responsible, do our research and get it right and stop crying wolf.


Until next week, may the source be with you!