One NEW and Simple Step to Increase Employee Engagement on LinkedIn


If you, like most recruitment leaders and marketers, struggle to get your team to engage with the content posted to the LinkedIn Company Page, there is now a tool to help! The new LinkedIn Employee Notifications feature allows you to easily let your recruiters know when you’ve posted an update on the Page.

Why is the LinkedIn Employee Notification Tool a Good Thing?

It’s easy for employees to miss your company’s posts amongst the constant stream of content on their feed, which means they often won’t engage with them. The Employee Notifications feature helps businesses expand their organic reach on LinkedIn by giving your recruitment team the opportunity to amplify the content and act as brand advocates by sharing it with their connections.

When an employee receives a notification and clicks on the post preview, they are redirected to the update where they can comment, react or re-share, enabling your recruitment agency marketing to go farther.

How to Increase Your Employee Engagement on LinkedIn

4 steps notify your employees about a post:

  1. Create the content from your Company Page on LinkedIn and post it
  2. Click the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the post (…) OR click on the ‘Notify Employees’ button if it is already visible
  3. Click ‘Notify Employees’
  4. A pop up will appear, click ‘Yes’

Things to keep in mind when using the LinkedIn Employee Notification tool:

  • An admin can notify employees once per day
  • Employees are members who have listed your organisation in the Work Experience section of their profile
  • Notifications are delivered based on a relevance model, which means some employees may not receive a notification
  • Employees can choose to opt-out of these notifications, which may affect your page analytics

To find out how you can make the most of the LinkedIn Pages Employee Notifications tool or for more advice on marketing for recruitment agencies, feel free to get in touch.